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CCNI transports merchandise via ocean, since 1930, with nearness in four mainlands. The CCNI container liner business was assumed control by Hamburg Süd end of Walk 2015. As a spry and adaptable delivery line, with an overall development and extension system, it has made a capable transport arrange, with the administration at a neighborhood level and in addition in Latin America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. The logic of CCNI has been centered around the client, that is the reason amid the most recent years they have played out a worldwide push to enhance their consideration conspire, through a progression of advancements that have been executed in every single working range.

CCNI offers a few sorts of cargo transport services:

  • Containers (for dry, refrigerated or solidified cargo).
  • Mass (copper, backwoods items, venture cargo).


Their major achievements are mentioned below:


 Since Walk 2015 the CCNI container liner business is worked by Hamburg Süd.


In 2013, in accordance with the organization, drove technique to work claimed bleeding edge innovation vessels to fortify its aggressive position, CCNI, through its auxiliaries, has gone into two assertions to construct cutting-edge, fuel-productive 9000 TEU vessels. These two vessels will join two other sister vessels. The shipbuilding contract was gone into by GEN, CCNI's parent organization. These four vessels will be worked under time contract party by CCNI in understanding to the economic situations.


As of Walk 2011, as a major aspect of the development procedure and keeping in mind the end goal to potentiate CCNI's essence in the east shore of South America and fortify scope in Latin America, another week after week oceanic carriage benefit, called Brasil Europe Container, was propelled, along these lines influencing utilization of the experience and the organizations to arrange as of now in the European mainland.


 CCNI praised its 80 years of presence in 2010 by accomplishing verifiable outcomes, shutting the year with the best benefits ever. This was the outcome of the money related reinforcing plan, a right suspicion of the development sought after and the opportune and helpful conclusion of 19 contracts. Just in armada development, the organization was the third container shipping organization in expanded limit amid 2010, being situated now in the 25th place in the Alphaliner world positioning.

Moreover, this year they could appear a decades-in length dream, that is, to stretch out territorial scope toward the east bank of Latin America. To begin with they opened container movement from Brazil and Argentina to Asia, an administration that was gainful from the begin because of a blasting territorial economy, particularly in Brazil. In this manner and keeping in mind the end goal to reinforce their position in Brazil, they opened another breakbulk benefit (venture and breakbulk load) from Brazil to the Inlet (Houston). With this, they emerged their essence in the three noteworthy undertaking freight markets: Northern Europe, U.S. Bay and Asia (China and Japan).


 In 2009, the overall emergency had an awesome effect, and this industry was essentially influenced because of the blend of two impacts: a checked decline in carriage request and an increment in the space supply. This is because of the conveyance of vessels, requests of which were performed by delivery organizations amid the development cycle of the most recent years. CCNI did not endure straightforwardly the budgetary impacts of having gotten vessels amid this emergency; in any case, they had to confront the security impacts that this emergency caused by the space supply. As an outcome of the previously mentioned, a solid reduction in the charges occurred, which discloses to an expensive degree the outcomes recorded for the current year


 In April 2008, the organization chose to make the Line Administration with a specific end goal to achieve most extreme perceivability and reconciliation among the courses keeping in mind the end goal to exploit the system cooperative energy. Also, two new offices were made, the Valuing and Income Administration and the arranging and advancement. On account of this, an educated and balanced basic leadership, in light of solid figures, was guaranteed. This year, a reefer zone was likewise made, and geological region delegated line managers, that is, Atlantic and Pacific services.


  During 2007, CCNI broadened its service scope in Focal America and Europe by designating organizations in Trinidad and Tobago, Greece, and Turkey. The help and assignment completed by this system of offices incredibly add to the execution and success of CCNI's business. Amid 2006 and 2007, the Gorilla (Organization Execution Assessment) process was actualized to assess the offices on a quarterly premise, covering operational, logistical, procedural, frameworks use and business perspectives. On account of this framework, the organization's execution and high-quality services are improved, guaranteeing brilliant work for their clients.


 They changed the service design between West Drift South America and Asia with the new "Asia Expedited Service." The reconfigured service was organized to give the speediest travel times from Chile to the business sectors in Japan and China. "Asia Expedited Service" had 2 strings: CEX and NAX, both worked with nine vessels each and a round voyage time of 63 days. Supplementing these services, they propelled another service between Vancouver, Seattle, Oakland, Long Shoreline and Ensenada to Manzanillo (Mexico) where associations will be made with the Asia Expedited Service.

As a component of the union arrangement to the worldwide markets, they displayed another corporative picture, which was present day and consented to the present necessities of the market. This change obeyed to the exertion of the previous years of giving effectiveness in their conveyance services and enhancing the consideration plan to their customers.


They framed another normal stock company, CompañíaMarítima de Punta Fields S.A., a nearby dispatching company in the South of Chile.


 Their new base camp was introduced in Valparaiso, with a presentation of Brazilian items. The building still houses company workplaces and today adds to the architectonic excellence of Valparaiso.


  They built up the primary consistent liner service from Chile to New York by means of The Panama Channel, serving Callao, Guayaquil, and Havana


CCNI has a substantial armada of present-day coordinated reefer containers (reefers) with cooling offices incorporated with the compartment. They come in 20' and 40' sizes and are accessible on all their exchange courses. The incorporated compartment is particularly appropriate for way to-entryway transport. Just electrical power is required.

Air circulation

Inward air circulation is fundamental for keeping up recommended temperatures in reefer containers. Chilly air is continuously flowed through the payload space to disperse transmitted warmth. Icy wind currents through and around the merchandise in the holder. This air is blown in at the base of the refrigeration unit through the gratings in the ducted floor and afterward drawn off again underneath the holder roof. The circling fans at that point constrain the air through the air cooler, which additionally goes about as the evaporator wide open to the harsh elements circuit, and back through the gratings into the payload. The most widely recognized type of ducted floor is known as a Ski lift floor (T-floor), taking its name from the T-molded cross-segment of aluminum expulsions that shape the floor.


CCNI transports additionally offer tracking administrations. CCNI Tracking gives understandingabout your shipment's status up and down its excursion. You'll feel sure and have genuine feelings of serenity realizing that you have the most avant-garde data when you utilize their upgraded tracking alternatives.

Their tracking offers a few approaches to track and gives helpful approaches to remain educated of current status, sudden deferrals, and at last the conveyance of your shipment.Simply enter your tracking into the track box, and they will return a detailed tracking response to your email address.

CCNI Container Tracking

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