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CMA CGM Container Tracking - The French brainchild for shipping


CMA CGM shipping line is a very old shipping line that came into existence in the 19th century. Today with fantastic business strategies and super CMA CGM tracking, it ranks third in the shipping industry. 170 routes have been channelized and managed by the organization to manage its business and give its customers the benefits of CMA CGM container tracking. The French company has two headquarters; one being at Marseille and the other station is in Norfolk, Virginia, the North American headquarter.

The company has effectively spread its wings in 400 ports spread out in a total of 150 nations altogether. Managing CMA CGM tracking through these many ports and nations is a matter of precision. 4500 numbers of employees are present in its founding nation France to manage business and support CMA CGM container tracking at all points in the lifecycle of a shipment.

It is very interesting to note the history of the organization when the name was just in its budding stage with the online technologies of the present CMA CGM tracking facilities. Messageries Maritimes (MM) was created in 1851 followed by Compagnie Generale Maritime (CGM) in 1855. With the help and aid from the French State these two parent companies were created. The two turned into State owned corporations after the end of the World Wars. Between the year 1974 to 1977 the two companies were merged into Compagnie General Maritime owned by the French State.

Mr. Jacques Saade had separately created in 1978 an intra- Mediterranean liner service operator named Compagnie Maritime d’Affretement (CMA) based in Marseille.CGM was privatized and sold away to CMA to form the now big name of CMA CGM. The journer of mergers and acquisitions and cargo shipping has grown and kept good pace with the modern technology to support customers today with easy CMA CGM container tracking.

The company has kept pace with the largest and second largest companies in the shipping industry, that is Maersk Shipping Line and Mediterranean Shipping Company with revenue calculated as high as 15.7 billion U.S. dollars. A total of 22000 dedicated employees from various parts of the country is tracking the business day in and day out with fantastic container training skills. They have kept their system really in perfect brevity by allowing easy CMA CGM tracking options for its huge clientele base. The system is always being managed and monitored to ensure perfect container tracking from any part of the world and for any part and cycle of the shipment.

The company owns a total fleet vessel capacity of 19000 million TEU (Twenty feet Equivalent Units) making tracking container a very important aspect for maintaining and expanding theri current customer base. A total of 13million TEUS of containers have been carried in the 170 routes managed by the company. Today CMA CGM container tracking is not only crucial but made super easy for the big giants who happen to comprise the customer base for the company.

Cma Cgm Container Tracking

The fast pace at which it is bringing the opportunities of business for various continents, it is likely to make it bigger with time. Its expansion of the West African regions recently has opened doors of West African services to India, Middle East and Europe. With this comes the huge onus maintain cargo tracking responsibilities and to bring it to a higher level of technology and improving on the container tracking online.

The company has real ambitious plans of formation of “Ocean Alliance” by teaming up with other shipping giants like COSCO and some more to plunge into the market in a very big way and strengthening its CMA CGM tracking online options and other features like CMA CGM line tracking.

Carrying of others goods is a huge responsibility. The terms and conditions governing and specifying the documents and relevant specifications required is a big process and should be cared and tracked with utmost diligence. CMA CGM clearly explains the terms and conditions governing this contract which if the Bill of Lading and a step by step progress can be followed up with a generated CMA CGM tracking bl option. What responsibilities and care must be observed when carrying equipments and good from various industries since with the CMA CGM tracking bl feature, the trust of millions of people are wound in an intimate way which must be honoured. A perfect format will be generated and shared with the customer for CMA CGM bl tracking at every stage. For any issues faced with CMA CGM tracking bl no, the company can be very easily approached to solve the problem.

No matter what device you use, laptop, mobile, desktops and PCs CMA CGM line tracking will never be a problem for you.

Filing of Import General Manifest or IGM was dreaded once upon a time but now with electronic linkage, options and for companies like CMA CGM, igm tracking has turned into a cakewalk. A crystal clear picture of consolidation and deconsolidation of goods are available with CMA CGM igm tracking features.

  • 19-Feb-2020 APZU3*35*84
  • 19-Feb-2020 APZU3**54*4
  • 19-Feb-2020 EXFU0**56*7
  • 19-Feb-2020 TEMU7**94*8
  • 19-Feb-2020 TEMU7**94*8
  • 19-Feb-2020 CXRU1**65*7
  • 19-Feb-2020 CMAU7**15*6
  • 19-Feb-2020 CRTU7**61*9
  • 19-Feb-2020 CMAU0**30*1
  • 19-Feb-2020 CMAU0**30*1

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