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COSCO - the Chinese emerald in sea

Among container ships COSCO (Chinese Ocean Shipping(Group) Company is the 6th largest and with a simplistic approach towards managing shipping and innovating new ways of COSCO Shipping Line Container tracking, it holds the 9th position in the world in terms of the largest in aggregate volume of container. Even though the shipping and logistics company may be a government owned company belonging to the People’s Republic of China, the amount of sincerity and hard work goes behind COSCO container tracking process and optimization, it surely does make COSCO shipping lines a real success.

It is headquartered in Xicheng District of Beijing and manages its COSCO container lines and related business from Ocean Plaza. More than 130 numbers of vessels of 600000 TEU (TWENTY FEET EQUIVALENT UNITS) of vessels are owned by COSCO container lines co. Ltd. Almost thousand ports speckled all over the globe is called by COSCO container lines co ltd. With its world class COSCO container lines co ltd tracking in the year 2012, it found its place in the top 15 brands of China.

In China, the company is found to be the largest dry bulk carrier. And not only this, but with its business management acumen it has landed itself in a position of being the largest dry bulk shipping operators, managing functions worldwide. With COSCO shipping line container tracking and COSCO container lines schedule management, the group is now the largest liner carrier operating in China. COSCO shipping line container tracking can be easily done when visiting the page www.cosco container tracking.com along with finding COSCO container lines schedule. In order to manage the time and schedule, any shipper would like to log on to www.COSCO container tracking.com to check the COSCO container lines sailing schedule to estimate time and money required for shipping their consignments.

The company has mammoth responsibilities of ship building, ship repairing jobs to carry out the task of shipping and bring about swift container booking followed by well managed COSCO container lines tracking. With the help of COSCO container lines sailing schedule a client would always be supreme in terms of judging and deciding with the future of his consignment.

The company has a very reliable workforce to bank upon, estimating to a figure of 1,30,000 in the year 2012 to facilitate correct shipment booking and constant COSCO shipping container lines tracking. It is a relatively newer organization that has been founded in the year 1961, but today it has touched calculated revenue of 10.165 billion U.S. dollar in 2012. They have intercepted all kinds of possible devices to make the affair of COSCO container lines co. Ltd tracking an easy task.

Once the COSCO container tracking number is generated by the system, the shipper can easily keep a nab on the consignment and get update alerts in their mobile, I-pad or any preferable devices to be rest assured of their consignment.


Operating as the general Agents of the reputed COSCO group, the Indian body of COSCO India Shipping Pvt Ltd takes special pride. This was formed in 2002 while the operations commenced from 2003. Dedicated logistics and COSCO India Shipping Pvt Ltd container tracking services allows them to provide a variety of services to the customers. COSCO India Shipping Pvt Ltd container tracking can be applicable for Project Cargoes to Tanker vessels or Bulk Cargo to Break Bulk service rendition.


The length and breadth of the nation (India) has been covered for providing speedy services to all precious customers and associates of COSCO container lines India. But for queries pertaining to projects, sales or business, COSCO container lines Mumbai has to be contacted. Offices in New Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai can also be of help like COSCO container lines Mumbai. These management hubs are always well equipped in handling queries, manage shipping schedule and provide instant service to customers for any consignment booking, tracking or scheduling.

COSCO container lines India can also help you ease out the process of tracking. Once your COSCO container tracking number is generated the India based team can help you out with all the information of documentation, contract signing like the Bill of Lading (BL) and consequent tracking. In total it provides flawless services to its Principal company COSCO in China and the giant leader provides efficient support and resources to manage its offices and services in India.

So sit back to enjoy the services of the Chinese Maritime Industry for a fantastic tracking and scheduling experience for your consignments as now your business rests in suitable and responsible hands. No deal is big or small, as long as a professional company decides to help out industrious business men situated in any parts of the world. No waters are untouchable, no targets are too ambitious for you to meet with a shipping line as capable and experienced as the Chinese Shipping Line giant COSCO.

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