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On 25 September 1969, Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn (the D, H and L in our company name) incorporate DHL. The company begins by operating a door-to-door express delivery service, transporting documents only between San Francisco, California and Honolulu, Hawaii. After one year In 1970, DHL is handling shipments for 40 clients and expanding its operations to include Guam, Los Angeles and Portland, Ohio. In 1991 DHL becomes the first express delivery service to deal with a Baltic state - Latvia (formerly part of the Soviet Republic). Offices open in Tirana, Albania and services start to Estonia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Mongolia, Niue, Romania, Tuvalu and Ukraine. 
DHL prompts a major breakthrough in customs clearance technology by establishing a direct computer link with UK Customs. The software, developed by DHL Express, cuts clearance times for inbound dutiable shipments by up to 50% whilst guaranteeing accuracy of documentation and administration.

DHL Weipacket Tracking Method:

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DHL Welpacket Track Trace courier through the Shipping Exchange DHL welpacket tracking services. Just Enter your DHL Courier Tracking Number. Shipping Exchange DHL welpacket tracking services will return full status of your Parcel. DHL Welpacket Tracking status will be displayed including the Pickup date & time to Delivery date & time.

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  • 28-Jun-2024 504**738*0
  • 27-Jun-2024 23101**311137*8
  • 05-Jun-2024 822**951*5
  • 05-Jun-2024 822**951*5
  • 05-Jun-2024 822**951*5
  • 05-Jun-2024 822**951*5
  • 03-Jun-2024 176*740*3
  • 28-May-2024 RQ13**62432*E
  • 27-Apr-2024 DO1**648*0

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