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Gold Drop Sp. z o.o.

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The “GOLD DROP” company is focused on providing high quality products which include: window cleaners based on nanotechnology, washing-up liquids, dishwashing liquids, scouring creams, liquid descalers, rust&lime removers, toilet cleaners, drain openers, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, bleaches, synthetic starches, ironing helpers, floor cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, carpet cleaners, furniture cleaners, multi-purpose cleaners (plastic elements, shower cubicle, ceramic hobs, fittings, joints and ceramic porous surfaces, grill, oven & fireplace glass cleaner), scouring powders, toilet rim hangers, in-cistern blocks, lighteners, car care cosmetics (cockpit, rim, insect, glass, upholstery), car shampoos with wax & silicone, windscreen washer fluids, bath foams, liquid soaps, toilet bar soaps, hand creams.Main brands: “Window Plus”, “Gold Cytrus”, “Dix”, “Dix Professional”, “Booster”, “Ługa”, “Floor”, “Gold Wax”, “Primauto”, “Attis”, “Medea”.


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