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Izomer Zakład Produkcyjno Handlowy; Józef Kolasa

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Production and Trading Company "IZOMER" has been manufacturing the plastic packagings for more than 10 years. We mostly make flexible containers (BIG BAG). Our product range included Big Bags of the capacity form 500 to 1500 kg, with customized dimensions and design. We can make the containers with 1, 2 or 4 handles fitted with charging and discharging funnels. They are made of polypropylene fabric, optionaly polyethylene coated, fitted with PE foil inserts, additional seam sealing and overprint. Our products have a safety certificate (UN). Well qualified workforce and suitable machine park ensure stead and high quality of our packagings."IZOMER" has won a gold medal in the International Poznań fair TAROPAK 2001. Company awarded with FAIR PLAY certificate."IZOMER" is a 9001 certified company.


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