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SKF Economos Polska Ltd. Oddział Gdynia

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Delivery Programme, Import:Turned standard and special seals of plastic materialsDue to our unique production process, we are able to manufacture almost every standard-, or special seal within shortest delivery times ...High performance sealing plastic materialsSealing materials are gaining more and more importance in the sealing technology because of demands on the quality of seal..ECONOMOS supplies 20 standard and and more than 50 special materialsSTANDARD MATERIALS:ECOPUR® (TPU, green, thermoplastic polyurethane-elastomer)H-ECOPUR® (TPU, red, hydrolysis-resistant thermoplasticst hydrolysis-resitant thermoplastic ermoplastic polyurethane-elastomer, ep temperature)S-ECOPUR® (Polyurethane-elastomer with tribological characteristics)ECORUBBER®1 (NBR, black, elastomer based on acrylonitrile-bber)ECORUBBER -H (H-N, black, hydrogenated acrylonitrile-bber)ECORUBBER 2 (FPM,FKM, brown, elastomer based on fluororubber)ECORUBBER 3 /EPDM, black, elastomer based on ethylene-bber)ECOSIL (MVQ, reddish brown, silicon rubber)ECOFLON 1 (PTFE-virgin, white, thermoplastic based onON 2 (PTFE with filters, grey, polyetrafluoroethyleneass fibres)ECOTAL (POM, black, semi-crystalline polyacetal-copolymer)ECOMID (PA, black, cast polyamide)ECOPAEK (cream, polymer)Special matrials as:- Tougher grades of ECOPUR® (polyurethane),- The alternative to PTFE solutions- X-ECOPUR®-57D, XH-ECOPUR®-60D,XS-ECOPUR®-57DEngineered plastics productsusing sophisticated machining techniques, we can produce both simple and complex components of engineered or advanced engineered plastic parts to either your or our design. Our long lasting experience in materials science helps us to produce the higest standard of seals for our customers, who are looking for the right solution for their specific application problem.Turn-key systems for producing seals and gasketsSEAL JET® CNC cutting plants for plasticsWATER JET® cutting plants for plastics- Our state-of-the-art technology gives us and our partners superiority over- our competitors.- Under the trade names SEAL® and WATER JET® we offer proven turnkey- production systems of latest technologyTraded ProductsWe supply a huge variety of trading components and products like o-rings, compact piston seals, radial shaft seals, guide rings, guide tapes.Traded material names:Due to increasingly more complex demands on the sealing technology, material developments are gaining in importance.SKF Economos supplies 23 standard and more than 50 special materials:STANDARD MATERIALS (POLYURETHANES):ECOPUR® (TPU, green, thermoplastic Polyurethane)H-ECOPUR (TPU, red, hydrolysis-resistant thermoplastic Polyurethane)G-ECOPUR (CPU, red, cast hydrolysis-resistant thermoplastic- Polyurethane; same raw material components as H-ECOPUR- available for diameter ranges from 540 to 4000 mm as one piece,- seal dimensions from 4000 and above 8500 mm using our welding- technique)S-ECOPUR (grey, abrasion resistant thermoplastic Polyurethane;- optimised tribological characteristics (friction and wear resistance)- achieved through the addition of solid lubricants)T-ECOPUR (TPU, blue, low temperature thermoplastic Polyurethane,- minimum service temperature is extended to -50°C)X-ECOPUR (TPU dark green, thermoplastic Polyurethane with- 57 Shore D hardness, outstanding friction and wear properties- an alternative to PTFE solutions)XH-ECOPUR (TPU, dark red, hydrolysis resistant thermoplastic- Polyurethane with 60 Shore D hardness an alternative to PTFE- solutions)XS-ECOPUR (TPU, dark grey, abrasion resistant thermoplastic- Polyurethane with 57 Shore D hardness and improved sliding- properties an alternative to PTFE solutions)STANDARD MATERIALS (ELASTOMERS):SKF ECORUBBER-1 (NBR, black, elastomer based on sulphur vulcanised Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber)SKF ECORUBBER -H (H-NBR, black, peroxyde cross linked, hydrogenated Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber)SKF ECORUBBER -2 (FPM,FKM, brown, bisphenol cross linked- Fluororubber)SKF ECORUBBER -3 (EPDM, black, peroxyde cross linked Ethylene-- propylene-diene rubber)SKF ECOFLAS (TFE/P, black, Tetrafluoro-ethylene-propylene rubber)STANDARD MATERIALS (THERMOPLASTICS):SKF ECOFLON 1 (PTFE-virgin, white, Poly-tetrafluoro-ethylene;- semi-crystalline thermoplastic material)SKF ECOFLON 2 (PTFE with 15% glass fibres and 5% MoS2, grey,- Poly-tetrafluoro-ethylene; semi-crystalline thermoplastic material)SKF ECOFLON 3 (PTFE with 40% bronze as filler, bronze,- Poly-tetrafluoro-ethylene; semi-crystalline thermoplastic material)SKF ECOFLON 4 (PTFE with 25% carbon, black, Poly-tetrafluoro-- ethylene; semi-crystalline thermoplastic material)SKF ECOTAL (POM, black, semi-crystalline Poly-acetale-copolymer)SKF ECOMID (PA, black, Polyamide)SKF ECOPAEK (PEEK, cream coloured, Poly-ether-ether-ketone;- high-performance thermoplastic material)SKF ECOWEAR 1000 (UHMW-PE, white, ultra high molecular weight- Polyethylene; molecular weight: 4.500.000 g/mol; excellent wear- resistance and impact strength also at low temperatures down- to -200°C; semi-crystalline thermoplastic material)STANDARD MATERIALS (THERMOSETS):SKF ECOTEX (Polyester, light orange, Polyester-resin with polyester- fabric and graphite filler; excellent wear resistance and impact- strength, especially for guide rings and bearing bushes)ALTERNATIVE PTFE VARIANTS IN STOCKSKF Ecoflon, special types with organic fillersPTFE can also be compounded with organic fillers to produce- "high performance compounds", e.g. Poly-phenylene-sulfones- (PPSO2), Poly-phenylene-sulfide (PPS), Polyarylate (PAR;- "EKONOLl") or Poly-ether-ether-ketones (PEEK).SKF ECOFLON 5 (modified PTFE matrix, e.g. modified PTFE/TFM- from Dyneon)Some applications require food compatible PTFE materials.- SKF ECOFLON Ecoflon 1 and SKF ECOFLON 5 meet FDA (Food and Drug- Association) regulations.OTHER ALTERNATIVE PLASIC AND RUBBER MATERIALS IN STOCK


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