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VISTEAM Črnomelj d.o.o.

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Based on our knowledge and experiences we offer you: • tarnishing, • cleaning and deburring, • removing of rust and old protective layers, • final treatment of INOX, ROSTFREI products and processing equipment (fences, pharmaceutical industry, food industry...), • removing of scoria after welding. Where is our equipment suitable? Our configuration is suitable for: • reassembly of machines and tools, • maintenance of wagons and locomotives, • cleaning of construction, bridges, bigger machines (cranes, boats, construction and rural machines) on field, • cleaning and maintenance of the interior and exterior of pipelines, • cleaning of precious metal such as aluminium, copper, titanium and brass. Cleaning with pressure blasting is an excellent solution for: • cleaning and deburring of moulds, • cleaning of tools between technological procedures, • removing of foundry sand. Based on our knowledge and experience we offer you: • tarnish of glass surfaces, • decorative sandblasting of images, signs and logos, • signing (fast and simple marking), • removing sharp edges, • cleaning of tools for making bottles, mugs, lamps... • • demanding and precise restoration work, • restoration of all kind of surfaces made from stone, wood, paper, metal, glass, • restoration of wood or a building after fire. • • deburring of electric components, • removing of protection layer, • cleaning of contacts, connectors. The solution for this and similar problems is sandblasting! • restoration of art, buildings and statues, • renewal of concrete surfaces • cleaning and removing paint from facades, walls. • • removing sharp edges from paving stones and edging stones, • decorative sandblasting, tarnish (signs, logos, symbols), • cleaning of stone surfaces. Treat plastic surfaces as you desire! • cleaning of tools and parts of machines for pouring of plastic (screw, exstruder, mold, cylinder...), • deburring of plastic products • degreasing, roughening and preparation before painting, gluing and printing. • • preparing surfaces for vulcanization, • cleaning of tools for vulcanization, • preparing larger sufaces for rubberizing. Strengthen the aeroplanes with sandblasting! • preparation before applying of protection layers, • removing of paint, • hardening of aircraft surface, • hardening and bending of aircraft wings (peen forming), • hardening of turbine blades and motor parts (shot peening). We participate as a strategic partner in manufacturing of components of vehicles. • cleaning and deburring of most of the parts for vehicles, • deburring of parts after automatic treatment, • cleaning of the interior and exterior of engine parts, • cleaning of the interior of engine parts, i.e. the housings of turbo chargers, • cleaning and preparation of steel and aluminium surfaces before treatment, • removing of rust and preparation of surface before reparation, • hardening of the most loaded parts of the engine or of the moving gear (Shot Peening).


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