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J & R FILMETA,d.o.o.

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The company`s activity The primary activity of company is gathering, sorting, processing and sale of secondary raw materials. These raw materials (copper, aluminium, brass, lead, bronze, zinc, inox, cables,...), or so called non-ferrous metals are sorted (sorted by hand on warehouse), slice (with hydraulic scissors), cut to pieces ( with manual tool in workroom) and press materials (hydraulic press). Company operates in Slovenia and also in foreign markets of secondary raw materials. J&R FILMETA Ltd. works as system with central warehouse in Trzin (Floor Area 3700 m2). Along with an establishment in Ruše, we deal with major industrial recycling pieces of iron and steel, its shredding, storage and loading of containers. The warehouse operates at 13,000 m2. J&R FILMETA Ltd. has own containers at producer of these waste materials at gathering point (different industrial to pick, service turns, private turns). The containers are different sizes and are used to store waste materials. Once the container is full it is brought to our yard and the material is sorted according to the type and grade. We also have arrangements with other producers of waste materials to deliver part/full loads at our yard in Trzin, who intract with out commercial officers. We also have yearly contract or unique orders with the prodicers of waste materials.


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