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HERI d.o.o. Nazarje

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Production and Products Most of our production is based on the company’s very own solutions, innovations and patents, and the production processes is certified to ISO 9001. In order to fulfil the high-quality demands placed on our products and services, the functioning of the systems is supervised by the management and we regularly conduct internal audits. In quality assurance, we take into account the requests and expectations of our customers. Control of the production process, storage control, incoming control and control of the purchase of materials is followed by the control of our products by external institutions. We offer: • Injection moulding of plastic products, semi-finished products and zinc compounds • Pad printing on products • Cutting and shaping Fe and non-ferrous metals (cutting and bending machines) • Assembly of products, semi-finished products and contact elements • Production of special assembly and control devices • Development of switches and switching elements per order • Production of fluid and fuel pipes (with or without filters) • Production of metal grinding machines (hobby enthusiasts and workshops) • Manufacture of products and wire to the drawings or specifications of the customer.


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