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EVPÚ a.s.

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Development and production of power electronics and control systems, automation and assembling machines, the complete units of electrical equipment for railway coaches, locomotives, trams, underground/metro and troleybuses, electrical equipment for traction and railway infrastructure, central power supplies and power supplies, power electronics for various branches of industry according to specific requirements of customers, control systems for industrial applications, technological and manufacturing lines, single-purpose machines, unique equipment, automatic machines for assembling ball bearings, packaging machines, automatic devices and manipulators according to customer´s specifications, electrical equipment and technological lines for rubber, glass, industries, technical projecting and technical designing; excellent development teams available to meet the requirements of a customer and carry out the technical development and technical projecting works for other firms; a holder of ISO 9001 certificate; a part of our company is formed by The Slovak Testing Centre. We are a member of international certification system CCA and IECEEB-CB


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