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ERGOS SK s.r.o.

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Gasification of houses and buildings, renovation and construction of steel pipelines, construction of boiler rooms and control stations, professional exams - pipelines, control stations, appliances and boiler rooms to 50 and over 50kW; repair and maintenance of gas equipment - regulating stations, gas appliances, construction and reconstruction of the hot pipes (plastic and steel), installation of heating systems for buildings, halls and houses (plastic, steel, copper), and the hydraulic adjustment termostatizácie homes and shops, exchange and installation of new water distribution piping (steel, plastic, copper), replacement of water meters , replacement and installation of new sewer mains in residential housing, installation of gas detectors for boiler houses, thermal fuse assembly lines, installation of safety valves, appliances, sales of brass fittings for heating, gas, water, air conditioning, sales of equipment for measuring gas, waterand heating


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