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DoMo-GLASS s.r.o.

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Cutting flat glass thickness 2-19 mm (straight shapes, irregular shapes), grinding and polishing the edges of flat glass (float, connex) thickness of 30-30 mm, grinding and polishing edges shaped, C, at an angle from 0 degrees to 45 degrees , grinding and polishing the edges of the various profiles (bull nose, half bull nose, OG, fase, waterfall double, triple waterfall) for glass thickness 12-19 mm, grinding and polishing internal and external edges of regular and irregular shapes, drilling flat glass (float , Connex) thickness of 30-30 mm; fazetovanie edges of flat glass (float, Connex) and the mirror thickness 3-30 mm, flat facets, cascading, fazetovanie straight edges fazetovanie irregularly shaped, sand flat glass (float, Connex) to a thickness of 3 80 mm, laminated sand, ornaments, multiple / obojstanné, depth, tempered glass, stained glass, bent glass, supply and installation of frameless structural celosklenených supply interior and exterior, celosklenených, frameless construction of tempered, respectively. Sealant (connex) safety glass (wall-glass, doors, screens, staircases, bridges, railings, elevator shafts, canopies, facades, shower enclosures, washbasin cutouts, wall tiles, etc.) additional thermal insulation of windows, installation of additional insulation in the original glass wing window frames, providing a complete service in the field of safety and fire protection including training, specializing in work at height and over free depth, technical inspections, repairs and maintenance of steel structures, providing complete sales, service and regular reviews of personal security; sale samonavíjacích evacuation pulleys, nosiediel, ladders and winches


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