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TESLA Liptovský Hrádok a.s.

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Production of racks, subracks for telecommunication engineering; solid and punched doors for racks designed for telecommunication engineering; cabinets with surface finish for inside and outside use for telecommunication engineering; PCBs: single-sided, both-sided, 4-and 6-layer; radial winding of transformers and coils from wires with diameter of up to 2,5 mm by means of technology for hand guiding of wire or on the winding machine ERN 00-03 MICAFIL; production and assembly of bunched cables; production of spare subassemblies and maintenance of serviceability of equipment from closed production program; parts of control systems for automobile industry; main distribution frames; house distribution boxes; made to order products; ISDN communication systems; ISDN telephone sets; VoIP communication systems


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