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AGS spol. s r.o.

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Civil, housing and industrial construction, roads and paved surfaces and installation of prefabricated steel skeletons, machine ground work, masonry, concrete, iron and timber, manufacturing and supply of concrete, demolition and insulation of buildings, reconstruction of old buildings, painting work, electrical work, including revisions to the laying of PVC flooring, installation healthily and technical installations, central heating and plumbing, manufacturing and installation of joinery (windows, doors with frame, wall, sheathing panels, scaffolding, pallets, disposable), manufacturing and assembly locksmith and plumbing products, thermal insulation and waterproofing, the production of atypical furniture products, cold cuts saw logs up to the prof. 100 cm, length 9 m, soft and hard wood boards, planks, laths, blocks, design of civil, industrial and residential construction, renovation of all buildings, electricity, water, heating and individually surveying work výškopis, focus and alignment buildings and land, transport is equipped with its own warehouses, shops, petrol stations and mechanisms (trucks, mixers, cranes, UDS, UNC)


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