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ZEOCEM, a.s.

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Mining and refinement of mineralogical products for different industries (AGRO, INDUSTRY, HOBBY):AGRO – research and producing applications as follows: additive in feedingstuffs; appliances for disintegration of heavy ground, for adjusting and regulation of water cycle; improvements of the vegetation conditions for all types of lawns, sport fields and turfs; mineral fertilizers;INDUSTRY – products for industrial applications: flue gas cleaning, gas drying, waste water treatment, flocculating agents, treatment of drinking and technical waters, rubber industry fillers, paper industry fillers, adsorbents industrial explosive fillers, paint fillers, desiccants, Additives to adhesives, additives to cleaning agentsHOBBY – products for household and garden: natural mineral cat litters; natural mineral litters for terrariums and cages for small animals and birds; natural, active mineral filter materials for absorption of deleterious substances in fresh water aquariums, natural active mineral substrates for soil improvement in planters and flowerbeds


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