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OBAL-SERVIS, a.s. Košice

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Price of steel products and machinery, manufacturing and packaging elements of treatment associated with the service pack, service activities in the professions crane, forklift driver, metalwork, welding and incendiary works, installation, service and maintenance, repair and radiator assembly, packaging and shipping radiators, production of wooden packaging components - pallets, wooden packaging according to customer specifications, pallets - certified, uncertified, manufacture and sale of semi-finished products and timber manufacturing, timber sterilization, assembly machinery, spare parts and technological lines, machinery and mechanical devices power, production and assembly of semi-dedicated and automatic machinery and equipment for the production of specific components for the protection of products, design and implementation of complex packaging of work for flat-rolled products, metal working, special inspections and review of reserved electrical equipment, lightning conductors and electro-mechanical hand tools, sales and service of banding equipment and accessories (steel and plastic tape, braces), business services in the packaging, sale of lifting and handling equipment Tawi, repair and service truck, a small transport equipment, platform trucks, tractors and trailers


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