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MAHRLO, s.r.o.

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The company has two divisions. Division of industrial measurement and control technology is in its range of equipment: imaging and temperature measurement, level sensing, measurement flow sensing and measuring the pressure and humidity transducers and non-electrical quantities, power supplies, displays and pointing devices, thermostats, and pressure industrial pipe fittings and valves - partners: Energonova, JSP, Rawet, BD Sensors, MANOMER, Rosemount, Comet system, Larm, Krohne, Microwell, Badger Meter, Metra Šumperk, Regada, PREMATLAK.Division of measuring devices is in its range sale: review apparatus SONEL brand presence in Slovakia, electrical apparatus for measuring, non-electrical quantities, and thermal imagers, laboratory power supplies, measuring instruments GREISINGER, measuring transformers and switchboard, isolators, transmitters, and displays, panel and switchboard shunts and analog devices, indicating LED indicators and measuring instruments, MV and HV tester, shorting kits and protective gear. The company provides calibration and maintenance of measuring devices.


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