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As the global trading move fastly, efficiency should be counted on every distance of goods movement. We, at FPS Indonesia provides sources to facilitate the necessity such as committed, dedicated and experience people to execute the tasks; communication tools and devices to ensure effective communication take place and update information with regard to cargo journey and other means and infrastructure as well.

All sources are addressed to generate such output with focus on satisfaction of the customers which is mostly identified as a unique ones. For this purpose, consistently should be a prerequisite for all of processes of service delivery by which long term relationship can be created and maintaining for mutual benefit can be achieved. To constitute this purpose, the management has been and continually committed to establish, implement, maintain and improve the subscribed management systems.

It is Mr. Iskandar Zulkarnain, the founder of ISKA NIAGA DARMA GROUP and Famous Pacific Shipping Group of Network Companies who involve to lead the company at time being since the beginning (1991) and after its autonomous (2006) with the focus on LCL Consolidation, complement with related services such as NVOCC, domestic transporter, customs clearance broker, packing provider, project cargo handling and all related services in managing moving of cargoes. Supported by 13 branch offices spread out from Medan (North Sumatera) at the west to Mataram (East Nusa Tenggara) at the east, FPS Indonesia keep on track to go faster and faster to face inevitability of globalization.

Since establishing, FPS Indonesia altogether with overseas network agents has introduced the brand of "FPS - Famous Pacific Shipping" in a carefully managed fashion. Rolling-out the brand extensively to key regional markets in Asia, thus promoting Indonesia as an excellent opportunity to enhance its credibility and standing; and therefore, allow it to strengthen the brand internationally.

Famous Pacific Shipping’s global network now includes 43 individual companies, from 22 different nations worldwide, working together under the FPS banner.
Mission Statement
Your Vision is Our Mission
FPS Indonesia ValuesBe Honest
Quality Commitment
Quality-based-operation has applied to the company synchronized with achievement of ISO 9001:2000 certification. Further, it is always a need to provide the highest level of service in purpose to meet customer satisfaction and keeping stable improvement. By this, all of non-conformance against all aspects within company will be eliminated preventively.
FPS Indonesia Strong Points
§  Having ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 & SKT MIGAS Certificate as quality & safety commitment are part of company philosophy.
§  Staffed by dedicated, experienced and expert personnel.
§  Well verses in documentation and understanding the physical requirements for the cargo movements.
§  Having worldwide networks in more than 108 countries, 300 ports under FPS Group.
§  Highest level of services supported by track & trace computerized system.
Communication and Technology
PT FPS Indonesia including The Group has realized that accuracy and timeless of information, in particular meeting strict deadlines, are key factors for clients to stay competition.
We are determined to provide shipment information in the process of transport through various communications that link FPS members to clients and also to their global networks, i.e. e-mail via internet, EDI, skype, fax etc.
An increasing number of members are able to provide tracking system that monitors clients consignments to destinations and provide detailed status reports and currently offer computerized based booking services.
The FPS Team
Group member are keenly aware of the importance of their employees training and development are continually working to enhance the human resource skills of our staff. All of it is geared to develop the FPS team as self-confident, decisive and hard-working professionals who see obstacles as a challenge.
You can be confident that when you talk to a member of the FPS Team you will, at all times, get the highest level of customer service.
The freight network operated by the Famous Pacific Shipping Group offers high class, world-wide services serving both inbound and outbound traffic.
Ocean Freight
Our dedicated oceanfreight departments specialise in the complete range of consolidation services for LCL cargoes, as well as full container loads.
We provide scheduled services that connect all the world’s core economies. These services incorporate efficient collection, storage and delivery operations at both cargo origin and destination.
Our core operations are supported by project forwarding departments well-versed in the shipment of complete industrial plants and heavy loads, including packing, local delivery, customs clearance and unloading.
Sailing schedules, liner terms and bills of lading are available on our website. And with multiple port options, competitive rates and the fastest transit times, you can trust Famous Pacific Shipping to move your oceanfreight cargoes direct from suppliers through to final destination, with total peace of mind.
Expedited airfreight services
When time is of the essence, our specialist airfreight teams offer the complete range of air import, export, express courier and door-to-door services, as well as economy and charter operations.
Our scheduled and consolidation services for imports and exports connect to the world’s core industrial markets including North and South America, Australasia, South East Asia, China, the Middle East, South Africa and the former Soviet Union.
FPS airfreight service tariffs are available on our website.
Our competitive rates and excellent support operations mean you can trust Famous Pacific Shipping to move your airfreight cargoes direct from suppliers through to final destination, with total peace of mind.
International and Domestic Distribution
From our various freight hubs around the globe, we can provide national and trans-national distribution and warehousing services for consolidations, part and full loads. Express, intermodal and heavyweight options are available where appropriate.
The tight-knit Famous Pacific Shipping Network enables us to exercise stringent control over the movement of goods throughout these regions.
This effective operational infrastructure gives you high productivity, frequent departures, fast transits and reliability on all our national distribution operations.
Warehousing and supply chain management
Members of the Famous Pacific Shipping network have an excellent track record in successful warehouse design and the implementation and operation of both dedicated and multi-user facilities. Warehousing services support inbound logistics, distribution and aftermarket services in a way that will improve your inventory management, reduce total operating costs and improve cycle times.
FPS utilises multi-user warehouse space across the world, all connected to our global freight management network.
We supply a range of customers in different industries with a wide range of warehousing and distribution services including:
·         Consolidation and Deconsolidation
·         Pick and Pack
·         Storage and Distribution
·         Inventory Management
·         Purchase Order Management
·         Claims Management
·         Management Of Returned Goods
·         Pre-sales  and  After Sales Service
·         Technical Services
Comprehensive Value - Added Services
Although cargo shipment remains our core business, we offer a number of support operations that enable you to exercise greater control over your supply chain.
Customs liaison and consultancy
We work very closely with national Customs authorities and can offer extensive advice on customs procedures, rates of duty, as well as providing a full customs brokerage service.
Hazardous goods
Legislation in many countries requires that all companies distributing goods by air, road, rail or inland  waterways need  to have designated  safety advisors and we offer dangerous goods consultancy services to ensure that customers meet the legislative requirements.

Fiscal services
Where necessary, we can provide full fiscal respresentation, market intelligence, and assist in product purchase and sales, including all documentation.

For many years, FPS has been a leading e-business player in the world shipping industry. Our innovative and customer-oriented IT solutions have enabled us to meet a variety of key customer needs.
Liasbility insurance
All offieces of the FPS Group are covered by liability insurance.

International affiliations
FPSGroup is registered with all shipping related controlling organisations; such as FIATA, IATA and Chamber of Commerce, as well as the majority of offices having attained ISO 9001: 2008 / NQA Register Quality Assurance.
These support services enable you to move your cargoes direct form origin through to final destination, with total peace of mind.


Mr. Erwin Harahap (Marketing Seller & EDP)
E-mail : cs2@fpsindonesia.co.id
E-mail : fpsindonesia@yahoo.com