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Forward Air Tracking- defining logistics in a new light

Forward Air Inc focused on its core area of expertise that is offering time definite surface transportation since the time of its inception in the year 1993. Other related services to logistics are also rendered in the North American LTL market and air freight industry. In the last 10 years, they have expanded and had many territories included under its operational regions and have offered various Forward Air Solutions. They have successfully integrated pool distribution, intermodal drayage, and specialized temperature controlled logistics services, pick up and door delivery and other arrays of logistics services covering various regions and its locations. Robust IT systems have further facilitated Forward Air Tracking to back up the Forward Air transportation system in totality.

Within two years of its inception, Forward Air Corporation saw speedy growth in terms of the revenue earned. From a modest figure of $63.6 million, a figure of $781 million amount was reached in the year 2014. And the operating income also shot from $6.4 million to $96 million in the same year of 2014. As a result of this people use to follow the movement of Forward Air stock as the figures have remained consistently attractive in their stock affairs.

Since its days of inception has been operating on the pillar of 3 main philosophies as they proudly proclaim and they are the Forward Air, and of course the Total Quality.

Moreover, its section can act as a licensed property broker. They choose the motor carrier and include their own Forward Air transportation and other third party transportation companies. With all these resources they offer their customer local pickup and delivery and also scheduled line haul surface transportations and even zip code to zip code services all in the priced surface transportation of shipment. This proves to be a very cost effective method and at the same time a highly reliable alternative when compared to Air transportation.

In the year 2015 in the month of March CLP Towne Inc was acquired and 4 numbers of new terminals were added by them and a material number of Forward Air freight owner operators. With this, they significantly expanded the service area and had more numbers of locations included. The updated lists of Forward Air phone numbers are available on the website of the company.

The LTL service was their first foundation product which had to offer a very reliable transit and for 92 cities a service of on time damage free deliveries was initiated on a regular basis. Mostly these cities were located in US and Canadian mainland. They located terminals or airports near these cities and maintained a very scheduled network of transportation. It allowed them to make arrangements for a very consistent and convenient service covering a huge geographic span. The LTL shipments are received of varying sizes and received at their designated terminals for transportation to destination terminal with the help of direct trucks or contracted service providers. This was facilitated through their central sorting hub in Columbus, Ohio or through the 12 regional hubs where unloading, sorting and reloading took place at lightning speed. Early morning recovery would be followed after the reloaded shipments were delivered by the contracted service providers. In this system, even the customers could choose to have the shipments picked directly from the shipper and have the consignment delivered to the final consignee or have the consignment sent to the airport. In this way, the whole process of Forward Air Tracking management would grow simple. These options open up ample opportunities to do efficient handling of shipments and chances of Forward Air Shipment losses are also minimized. Transit times are also minimized compared to steps involved in the traditional ground transportation system. Still, if you feel trouble then you are most welcomed to get in touch with their dedicated executives on the Forward Air phone number.

 A range of services are made available to the customers related to logistics solutions and paired with that are Forward Air freight tracking services. From dedicated fleets to customs brokerage and warehousing, consolidation and deconsolidation services, customers can enjoy too many service benefits while working with them. Therefore, its jobs are well sorted after in the market. By applying for Forward Air jobs one would open the vistas of opportunities and if selected any interested individual will have a huge learning scope and environment for dynamic growth.

The company has always achieved prime milestones every year since its inception and has paid enough stress and attention to empowering customer care services like Forward Air tracking and related services. Achieving the targets as a set is something which is expected and to an extent possible in most cases, but Forward Air is working really hard to push its boundaries and achieve the target with superior customer care services like Air Waybill Tracking, ease of bill of lading procedures and through well-coordinated management of Forward Air freight owner operators.

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