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The fifth largest container carrier company Hapag-Lloyd in terms of vessel capacity was formed in the year 1970. Since then with its commitment towards work, service rendition and fast Hapag tracking, it has taken the world of shipping by storm. The roots of this German-owned company were deeply embedded in two 19th century Companies from where it has grown its business to do e-business with flawless Hapag-Lloyd tracking. They were formed some time dated in 1847, while Lloyd or Norddeutscher Lloyd (NDL) or NGL (North German Lloyd) was formed a little latersometime in 1856. TUI AG (Hanover) acquired Hapag- Lloyd in 1998. By 2002 it became a totally owned subsidiary of TUI AG. From 2009 to 2012, TUI kept selling stakes of the Hapag-Lloyd company to private investors and the Albert Ballin Consortium, also known better as City of Hamburg which held almost 37% shares. Other Hamburg based banks and insurances held some more shares. The services of the company like Hapag tracking, tracking Bill of Lading, mainly all easily accessible through www.hapag-lloyd.com tracking has assumed such an enormous shape due to merging or taking over the container business from CSAV, the container based business of Chile in 2013. The whole process was concluded by 2015 thus making the Latin American market fall at its feet along with the existing market in the North Atlantic. From then there was no looking back for the company with world-class Hapag-Lloyd tracking services. They have equipped their systems further by owning 177 numbers of modern container ships, of 7.4 million TEU (Twenty feet Equivalent Unit). No matter to whichever part it travels the same can be traced via their tracking system instantly. The employee strength may not be huge but a modest figure of 9500, but due to perfect interfacing of technology withtheir tracking container process, the remodel of the company has turned into a big success. 366 locations present in 118 nations are dedicatedly working to ensure Hapag tracking by booking, and vessel tracking process happens smoothly. As a shipper, people would be able to close their eyes and trust on the Hapag tracking by booking system due to their ever upgrading and strong IT system.

A very fast growing global network of 121 liner services establishes good connections among the continents and bringing about a connected and organized way of doing Hapag Lloyd vessel tracking.  It has been found that they after acquiring CSAV are in a position to offer a fleet which has a capacity of one million TEU in the total capacity as a container stock. Not only this but a figure more than 1.6 million TEU which includes the largest reefer container fleets in the world.

Hapag tracing and tracking container procedures are simple to follow and worth relying upon as the company has been setting up industry standards for a period of almost 170 years. Compliance and sustainability have been two pillars of success in terms of doing clean business causing very little environmental impacts.

As a first time shipper, you may not be very well versed with all the processes in terms of shipping cargoes belonging to various industries. Vague ideas with Hapag tracing, Hapag –Lloyd tracking bill of lading can repel you from venturing deeper in this field. The website has been so designed to give you a perfect idea about the processes, hazardous item shipping, and documentation procedure. Rules and regulation pertaining to shipping items in various countries, high sea sale agreements, and other related documentation can be a completely alien process for a first-time shipper. But with Hapag Lloyd bl tracking systems and the prior procedure related aid that shall be provided to its priced customers, one will slowly become an ace in this trade as you have the world-class leader’s backing to achieve ambitious targets. Hapag Lloyd bl track will involve a simply formatted number to tracking your consignment online. For any trouble faced, the robust IT team will be at your ready service to give instant aid and help you out understanding the timelines involved in importing or exporting of the materials.

Hapag Lloyd container tracking is already a place, and with constant motivation and a vast experience of more than 170 years to come up with great work and business strategies the team is in the process of creating more fine-tuned operations to satisfy customers all across the globe. The Hapag logistics are always at the beck and call of customers to provide a seamless Hapag Lloyd container tracking experience to its clients. So sail in the sea of hopes with your consignments and shipments handled immaculately through the Hapag Lloyd container tracingsimplistic process.

  • 13-Jul-2024 H**U187*380
  • 13-Jul-2024 H**U187*380
  • 09-Jul-2024 S**U903*542
  • 02-Jul-2024 S**U242*200
  • 02-Jul-2024 S**U242*200
  • 01-Jul-2024 H**U223*717
  • 28-Jun-2024 C**U436*797
  • 12-Jun-2024 F**U387*819
  • 12-Jun-2024 A**U702*845
  • 11-Jun-2024 R**U206*569

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