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Heung A-55 years of goodwill and service in shipping

Heung A shipping company is very well known name in the market of shipping and logistics. For the last 55 years it has faced various challenges and has established great service and super efficient customer care services to win the confidence of its clients. Some of the services that are worth mentioning are Heung-A shipping tracking, Heung A shipping container tracking and Heung A cargo tracking. The journey for the company began in the year 1961. They not so pompously started with a conventional liner service of Korea-Japan. Today the company has expanded into one of the most well coordinated and quite extensive feeder networks within Asia. Operation services make a company and that is exactly what Heung A has emphasized on. Well defined Heung A schedule and Heung A tracking services have added on to their list of customers for whom they deliver cargo on time and in a most planned way.

They have now lined up a fleet of 30 numbers of vessels developed as a container liner service and 20 numbers of vessels as a chemical tanker fleet. However they just started with four ships in their initial days. Various service options have been opened up all throughout Asia for the delivery of a really wide range of cargo across the continent. Apart from this the company has taken up initiative to provide facility for storage catering to a really wide variety.  They include CY/CFS and both for sea and air warehousing facilities. Of course to back all of them a state of the art IT system is in place which is also responsible for the success of Heung A shipping tracking, Heung A cargo tracking and, Heung A shipping container tracking.

A very well coordinated and vast network all over Asia with local subsidiaries like Heung A Jakarta, in Indonesia Heung A Singapore, Heung A Vietnam and many more nations and their respective cities act as their branches for managing operations all over Asia. Some of the other countries included in this list are India, Malaysia, Bangkok in Thailand, Japan and China. In addition to these there are almost more than 20 numbers of agencies all over Asia with whom the company has decided to develop a very strong relationship. They have paired up their IT services in locations like Heung A Vietnam, Heung A Singapore, Heung A Jakarta and many other locations where services like Heung A sailing schedule and in general Heung A tracking is in place to provide constant support.

The company is now a certified integrated Logistics Company which has been approved officially by the Korean Government. For chemical freight and containers, the company is ever ready to provide shipping services. Apart from that there are various other solutions that have been tailor made for logistics solutions and services. There is a service of ferrying cars which is operated by Heung A between China and Korea, for further information one can refer to Heung A sailing schedule. They also operate railroad transportation businesses, land trucking and a very well defined high tech logistics center.

Heung A has already set sail to become the largest integrated logistics solutions provider not only in Asia but all across the globe. To become a global leader a company cannot choose to remain continent specific and has to enter into unknown waters as well and explore opportunities. Heung A has begun the process and putting its efforts jointly to meet its goals with supporting partners and a chain of satisfied customers. They are the bulwark and a huge support system for any company to grow successful in future.

  • 26-Jun-2024 HALU*041**2
  • 23-May-2024 FSCU*068**4
  • 11-Apr-2024 HALU*020**0
  • 11-Apr-2024 HALU*020**0
  • 05-Mar-2024 HALU*313**0
  • 05-Mar-2024 HALU*313**0
  • 16-Jan-2024 HALU*105**1
  • 16-Jan-2024 HALU*105**1
  • 06-Jan-2024 SKHU*002**8
  • 26-Dec-2023 HALU*650**0

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