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Mitsui O.S.K Foundation (MOL)

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) has the world's largest ocean shipping fleet. Backed by understanding and technologies developed over 133 years, MOL moves today's global economy. MOL operates specialized bulk carriers for iron ore, coal, and wood chips; tankers that transport unrefined petroleum and LNG; auto carriers; cruise ships; ferries and coastal liners; and container ships that convey an assortment of finished products as a major aspect of the largest and most diverse global network of liner and logistics services. MOL Liner Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MOL. The company transports a wide assortment of cargoes in international standard containers. The MOL Liner containerships also cover a global network of routes.

In the over a long time 130 years since MOL was established, they have kept on extending by their ceaseless soul of the test. MOL creates enhanced the products they transport through their primary business, global sea shipping.

History of Mitsui O.S.K Foundation

Through sea shipping, they add to the advancement of local industry and to more prosperous groups, which is a piece of their corporate social obligation. In any case, this has been acquired as the soul of their organization from its established, and they are pleased to state that they proceed in that vein.

  • 1878 - The iron-hulled steamer HIDEYOSHI MARU begins ocean transport of Miike coal from Kuchinotsu (Japan) to Shanghai.
  • 1884 – Oska Shosen Kaisha is founded
  • 1964 – OSK Line and Mitsui Steamship Co. Ltd merge to form Mitsui O.S.K Lines, Ltd(MOL). Nitto Shosen and Daido kaiun merge to form Japan Line, Ltd.(JL). Yamashita Kisen and Shinnihon Kisen merge to form Yamashita – Shinnihon Steamship Co., Ltd(YSL)
  • 1989 – Japan Line and Yamashita – Shinnihon Steamship merge to form Navix Line(NL)
  • 1993 -  Crew training school established in Manila.
  • 2000 –MOL Environmental Policy Statement establishes
  • 2001 – MOL Group corporate principles and Long-term establishes
  • 2003 – MOL Head Office and MOL-operated vessels earn ISO14001 certifications.
  • 2005 – MOL participates in UN-backed Global Compact
  • 2007 – Safety operation supporting center established at Head Office.
  • 2010 – new MOL technology research center opens
  • 2013 – Training ship of MOL is retired. New CADET training program is launched. Moreover, MOL earns high rating as 1st company to receive an SMBC Sustainability Assessment Loan
  • 2014 -130th Anniversary
  • 2015 –MOL chart introduced


1.     Dry Bulkers

Japan has generally depended on imports for an extensive variety of assets including iron mineral, coal, grain, wood chips, bond, compost, and salt. The present financial development joined with an upgraded worldwide division of work, makes worldwide shipping more dynamic than any other time in recent memory. MOL works the world's biggest fleet of mass bearers, meeting different client needs with a scope of specific transporters planned and developed for specific cargo attributes and conditions at stacking/emptying ports.

These vessels incorporate iron metal bearers that have turned out to be progressively bigger, coal transporters customized to the necessities of particular ports, and wood chip bearers that vehicle lightweight, high-volume shipments for the overall paper industry.

2.  MOL Logistics

MOL's logistics organize has extended to 243 areas in 115 urban communities in 25 nations around the globe. They have a broad lineup of services, for example, air and sea cargo sending, trucking, warehousing, and heavyweight and curiously large cargo transport, exploiting the esteem included elements of their gathering organizations, for example, MOL Logistics Gathering and Utoc Partnership. For instance, the purchasers' solidification benefit created by MOL Union Administration (MCS) utilizes the most recent data innovation to give clients constant cargo data, diminishing logistics costs all through the production network, and upgrading general transport proficiency. They have extended their systems in developing areas including Southeast Asia, moving forcefully to give an ever-more elevated amount of administration quality.

They additionally settled "MOL Undertaking and Overwhelming Cargo" as a brought together brand incorporating their heavyweight cargo transport operations, which give ideal, one-stop transport services, drawing upon their armada of containerships, multi-reason vessels, and move on/move off (RoRo) ships.

3.  LNG Carrier

Demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) is developing everywhere throughout the world as a situation well-disposed clean vitality. MOL initially took an interest in an LNG transport venture in 1983. After ten years, as a delegate of a Japanese consortium, they assumed a key part in the finish of the biggest LNG transport contract in the Twentieth Century, the Qatar Task, moving 6 million tons of LNG every year from the Center East to Japan. In 2003, they marked an extensive administration bolster contract with the legislature of the Sultanate of Oman that meant to build up the country's ocean shipping industry. They are adding to the development of the industry, and constantly aggregating know-how through operation and administration of six co-possessed LNG bearers.

4.  Offshore Business

Leveraging expertise gathered in the vitality transport field with LNG bearers and tankers, MOL takes a proactive position in taking a shot at seaward organizations, where they suspect further development later on. MOL's commonplace seaward tasks incorporate gliding stockpiling regasification units (FSRUs) and skimming creation, stockpiling and offloading (FPSO) frameworks, which are not utilized for transport, but rather are moored set up. Those tasks depend on long-haul sanction contracts like their regular LNG transport plan of action. They will extend this business in a proactive way, drawing completely upon their times of involvement in LNG bearer ventures.

Furthermore, they are moving into carrying tanker ventures, which transport unrefined petroleum from seaward oil creation offices including FPSOs to coastal oil refineries. They have partaken in a venture that claims five raw petroleum carry tankers worked off the bank of Brazil since September 2014. What's more, in November 2016, MOL partook responsibility for subsea bolster vessel, which is occupied with the establishment, support, repair, and decommissioning of subsea gear, crossing the different periods of investigation, improvement, and creation of profound water oil and gas fields.

Leveraging LNG transport expertise for FSRUs

They concentrate on floating storage and regasification units (FSRUs) that regasify LNG stacked adrift and send gaseous petrol (regasified LNG) to offices on shore. Contrasted with the development of inland LNG getting terminals, FSRUs can be embraced in a shorter time and at bring down costs, so demand for FSRUs has been expanding around the world. In 2013, they chose to join a venture to construct, claim, and work a FSRU in Uruguay.

Participating in FPSO business, which contributes to a stable supply of crude oil

Oilfield improvement has moved from coastal to seaward and from shallow water to profound water, supported by expanding demand for vitality and headway of oil advancement innovations. Under such conditions, MOL has occupied with long-haul contract ventures including FPSO frameworks off Brazil and West Africa. To date, they have taken an interest in five ventures off Brazil and erratic Ghana, and ceaselessly endeavor to expand the quantity of undertaking.

  • 23-Sep-2020 T*BU*60*507
  • 23-Sep-2020 T*BU*60*507
  • 22-Sep-2020 F*IU*75*760
  • 20-Sep-2020 F*AU*82*244
  • 18-Sep-2020 B*AU*42*480
  • 16-Sep-2020 T*HU*90*014
  • 16-Sep-2020 T*HU*90*014
  • 16-Sep-2020 P*IU*58*400
  • 16-Sep-2020 P*IU*58*400
  • 14-Sep-2020 M*RU*14*485

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