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Nyk Line or Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha or Japan Mail Shipping line has acquired one of the top most positions in the list of shipping liners currently operating around the world. Being a member of the group Mitsubishi UF J Financial Group (MUFJ) keiretsu, the company is headquartered in Japanese capital Tokyo in Chiyoda. Like most other companies Nyk Line has realized that in order to expand its share of success in the field of shipping, one has to keep their customers happy and treat them as their gods. Hence they have lined up a great tracking facilities like Nyk line container tracking, Nyk cargo tracking, Nyk bl tracking, , Nyk vessel tracking and many other Nyk track and trace facilities for its clients.

The Tosa clan in 1870 had founded the Tsukumo Shokai shipping company. Here lies the origin of the Nyk Lines. This very company had undergone a name change in the year 1875 and came to be known as Mitsubishi Shokai. With this the first passenger liner service was inaugurated. This saw the travel route from Yokohama to Shanghai. Along with this the company underwent another name change and turned into Mitsubishi Mail Steamship Company.  The final name by which the company is presently known came into existence when a merger took place with Kyodo Unyu Kaisha (this was founded in the year 1882) in the year 1885. So many name changes and so many inclusions of operations had already given a dynamic feel to the company. Till now it keeps changing the way shipping is done by incorporating the best of technologies for providing best Nyk tracking container schemes like Nyk container tracking, Nyk line tracking and Nyk bl tracking.

The merged company at that point of time had a fleet nearly of 60 steamships. Hereafter it expanded its operations in leaps and bounds. They started by providing services to the Eastern region and then it started giving service to ports spread all across the world. Before the completion of 19th century the company started service to London and it was a big inauguration since it was a notable milestone reached by the company. Business has always been an affair of acquiring and broadening their client base and receiving panegyric from the whole world for their ever changing dynamic customer services like the Nyk line container tracking, Nyk cargo tracking, and Nyk vessel tracking services.

In order to get a hang of the fleets that are doing the rounds for Nyk shipping line you can easily browse through the list of the fleets shared in their website. In the same website all the details for Nyk trace and track services and other related, Nyk tracking services.  Nyk line tracking container is a very simple process as most of the tracking facilities will be available at the finger tips. The shipper can easily type the tracking number and proceed with Nyk container tracking, Nyk line tracking and many other Nyk Tracking services.     

The services of the company span around 120 nations with quite a number of branches in each nation.  Whether a shipper is in any of these nations or out from the list of all these nations the facilities of tracking  Nyk tracking line, , Nyk line tracking container will be available anywhere and everywhere as long as internet connection is present. The shipping line ensures 24x7 services to clients through constant tracking facilities.

The Nyk line completely realizes that in order to stand out in the crowd and be far more promising than the competitors in the field of shipping they need to create innovative solutions. A business portfolio must be created to understand and cater to the ever changing market conditions. In this regard one of their creative steps has been to utilize business opportunities to explore the possibilities of transportation of LNG (Liquefied natural gas) and look for opportunities in offshore business. Apart from this strengthening of the financial grounds to empower the company for plunging in for really monumental large scale investment can also be a catalyst for the group’s natural sustainable growth in this field.

Using technology in such a way to ensure preservation of environment and making a notable and exemplary service to society and in the field of shipping, have made this age long company come such a long way. Customer is king; and this phrase has been ingrained in their soul in an indelible way and has made them come up with pleasing and user friendly services like Nyk tracking container and Nyk tracking line services.  They have inculcated the value system to remain motivated and work diligently for the greater good and serve earnestly for their customers in a very effortless way. Employees breathe these values to work and are always in a position to provide wholesome services to the client base.

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  • 06-May-2019 N*KU**10409
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