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PIL Shipping Line- the Singapore Star set for conquering the waters

Pacific International Lines came into existence in the year 1967. It saw its formation in Singapore as a coastal ship-owner and then gradually it decided to step into the business waters. Its journey from there on to become the largest ship owner operating in the Southeast Asian region has been really commendable. PIL shipping provides unimpaired services regarding shipment tracking like line tracking, cargo tracking, line container tracking and in general PIL tracking. Therefore, it has been ranked 17th in the list of top containership company operators around the world.

It has given more stress and emphasis on Asia-Africa and the regions of Middle East. To provide great services to the customers in this region, they have worked very hard to improve their services. They offer great liner as well as related services in 500 different locations diffused in 100 nations across the world. They have a loyal and strong wall of industrious employees backing them for perfect operations in the sea and help in consequent PIL tracking at a later stage. The number of employees present across the world is as big a number as 18000. PIL shipping line is earnestly focusing on container liner services in the regions of Far East, venturing inthe Black Sea, European nations, West coast of USA, Latin America, Indian subcontinent, Australasia, the Gulf regions, backed by a super-efficient container tracking in place. A very comprehensive range of ports is covered by them covering the Bay of Bengal, East coast of India, South East Asia, Pacific Islands and east and western African coasts. The company now provides direct linkage for break bulk shipment and project. This has been enabled as a result of its Multi-Purpose Services originating from the Far East to Africa and Asia.

PIL has worked really hard to diversify in various logistics-related services like consolidation and subsequent distribution facilities, multimodal services, supply chain management, container/depot terminal operations, manufacturing and repairs of ships, recycling of ships, warehousing facilities, real estate and other marine services and customer-oriented services to provide an overall good experience with the company like PIL shipping line container tracking and it’s tracking.In China, the company has invested in 11 container manufacturing facilities through Singamas. Other depots of the company are located in Tanzania, Egypt, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Singapore.

In the year 2009, they acted as the founding partner for DSIMS (Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Marine services Co Ltd) during its establishment. This company also further expanded to have Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Ship Recycling Co Ltd (DSISR) in the year 2011.159 numbers of modern vessels is operated as a fleet by the company having a total capacity of 349,435 TEUs. Between the years 2017-2018 the company is expecting to deliver 8 new container vessels as part of the new building program for the company and enhance services.

In the year 2014, the turnover seen by the company was US$4.6 billion. High quality and reliable shipping experience provided to people and continue to give so, renders them the confidence of becoming the undisputed king in the maritime industry.

Moreover, they are represented in India in Mumbai and the office of PIL shipping Mumbai is located in the busy corporate area of the city in Andheri. In the section of PIL shipping line contact number on their website, you can definitely take a look at their contact details. If you wish to visit, then you can directly give a ring or walk to their office to know in detail about their services.  If you have a consignment that you wish to book for shipping, then they will give total assistance from their Indian branch. The company has a great presence and hold made in China now. In 1960 the company intercepted the Chinese market and was one of the first foreign shipping liners to have entered the Chinese market. Every week the company is able to offer 33 numbers of container liner sailing from China. There are in total 25 numbers of fully operational and licensed branch offices in the nation and one head office. For more details of these branch offices, you can browse through PIL shipping line contact number on their website. There are a total of 18 numbers of logistic centers that are jointly owned by the company, and it operates them vigorously.

The journey for the company has not been very long in the industry of shipping. But the achievements and accolades wonhave been worth noting which points to the fact that the company is now in a position to conquer more and move on to achieve greater heights with more acquisitions of local offices in various countries for trouble-free shipping experience.

  • 17-Jun-2019 PCI*2*03887
  • 06-Jun-2019 PCI*3*61106
  • 10-May-2019 PCI*1*53266
  • 06-May-2019 PCI*8*85566
  • 03-May-2019 PCI*2*99828
  • 03-May-2019 PCI*2*99828
  • 03-May-2019 TCK*2*09568
  • 01-May-2019 PCI*8*07800
  • 29-Apr-2019 PCI*8*02483
  • 22-Apr-2019 PCI*8*05861

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