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Safmarine Shipping Line-the Belgian topping on Danish waters

For providing break bulk shipping services and container offerings suitable as per customer requirement and do a well streamlined Safmarine tracking at a later stage, Safmarine shipping line has taken an extra step forward. Its saw its origin in 1946 when American Ship owners along with South African based industrialists came together with the idea of opening a shipping liner. Now it has largely been acknowledged as African and North/South trade specialist and it gives contiguous support to its customer base present worldwide through various Safmarine tracking facilities. 130 nations across the world are responsible for the representation of the shipping line and its Safmarine Line container tracking services.

After its acquisition of CMBT the earlier outgrowth of CMB, the Belgian container line, since then has been headquartered in Antwerp, the capital city of Belgium in the year 1996. With more than 1200 sailors responsible for the transportation and shipping of cargoes and dedicated bulwark of employees who support Safmarine cargo tracking on a regular basis, the company had never faced till then the requirement of looking back. Even when the highly acclaimed Shipping Giant from Denmark, the A.P. Moller-Maersk group had the shipping line bought in the year 1996, it chose to have the original name of the company retained as it was a brand in itself.

Safmarine continued its acquisitions by acquiring Torm Lines in the year 2002. Similarly it had to keep on upgrading its IT system to ensure vast operation coverage by giving Safmarine line container tracking, Safmarine bl tracking, and Safmarine tracking by booking number. It is very interesting to note how Safmarine with its varied tracking services in cargo and other related services like my safmarine tracking, safmarine container tracking unregistered, have actually ventured into the field of dry cargo shipping. It started by purchasing Victory ships named SS Westerly Victory, SS Westbrook Victory and SS New Bern Victory from USA. After modifying them from War use it was suitably restructured to be used for general dry cargo shipping. They came into service in the year 1947. The names of these ships were changed and they became Morgenster, Vergelen and Constantia. This started Safmarine’s journey in South Africa based enterprise for cargo.

They again underwent denomination changes with new names in 1961 as South African Venture, South African victory and South African Vanguard. The prefix of South African was modified to S.A. in the year 1966. These ships had two numbers of Babcock &Wilcox water tube boilers in the engine rooms. They were responsible for superheated steam supply to two numbers of Westinghouse turbines which had been geared down to one number of shaft. This gave rise to 6000 shp and 16knots speed (30km/hr). This was considered as really high speed at that point of time. The company always kept pace with upgraded system from long, just the way it now does Safmarine vessel tracking and Safmarine cargo tracking. Very recently in the year 2011, 3 rd October, a decision was taken that Safmarine would have its internal support and management related functions merged with that of its sister company which is Maersk Line. The ships that are included are Safmarine Nile, Safmarine bayete, Safmarine, benguela, Safmarine nakuru, Safmarine ngami, Safmarine Nuba and more. With these many carriers lined it is bound to give variety of services like my safmarine tracking and Safmarine container tracking unregistered, Safmarine tracking by booking number or in general Safmarine shipping line tracking.

Safmarine site is a very simplified site which lets you know as a shipper all the information pertaining to surcharges, procedures for bill of lading and consequent Safmarine tracking by bill of lading and import general manifest. If you are aware of your bl tracking no then you are just a click away from Safmarine bl tracking page in order to know the exact status of your consignment in terms of documentation process. You may take a look at the fleet information and time schedules to match your plans with their dates of sail and later do a sure and reliable Safmarine shipping line tracking.

Safmarine Line tracking procedure is in general a very simplistic procedure similar to Safmarine vessel tracking and Safmarine tracking by bill of lading process. A total user friendly site designed by their diligent IT team has enabled customers to reach them out for any business related queries and have it solved immediately. The shipping line has been in fact equally promising in terms of customer service rendition just like its sister concern; Maersk Line. So all these things have significantly contributed to retain its brand name and be exuberant about thinking for further expansion and tightening its grip in unchartered waters for a great shipping experience for all.

  • 01-May-2019 SA*U2*2*023
  • 27-Apr-2019 TC*U1*4*726
  • 24-Apr-2019 MR*U0*3*578
  • 24-Apr-2019 MR*U0*3*578
  • 12-Apr-2019 GA*U6*9*683
  • 20-Mar-2019 TL*U5*2*905
  • 20-Mar-2019 TL*U5*2*905
  • 11-Mar-2019 DA*U6*2*542
  • 11-Feb-2019 MS*U2*2*977
  • 11-Feb-2019 MS*U2*2*977

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