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Arkas Line, which has been providing services to the ports of the Mediterranean and Black Sea with its own vessels and containers since 1996, has added feeder transportation for maritime trade. Today Arkas Line is also a liner operator with direct services to the Mediterranean, Black Sea and North Africa. Arkas Line, which has grown and developed rapidly through transporting goods to countries which play an important role in Turkey's trade, currently has direct services to the ports of Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Greece, Egypt, Algeria ,Tunisia, Kazakhistan, Uzbekistan, Moldovia and Belarus.

The Arkas Line container fleet has 115.437 TEUS with the following types: “open top”, “high cube”, “flatrack”, “palletwide” and “reefers”, all of which are used on regular service between ports on the Mediterranean, West Africa and the Black Sea with its fleet of 39 vessels which includes 32 vessels belonging to Arkas.

Arkas Line shipment services providing a reciept which contains Arkas Container Tracking number at the time of shipment booking. This Arkas Tracking number can be helpful to Track Trace Arkas Line shipment. User just need to enter Arkas Container Tracking number to know the arrival time and current location of the shipment.  To Track Trace Arkas line container shipment  Shipping Exchange  providing a tracker system. By just entering the Arkas Tracking number all the latest details about Arkas Container will appears on your screen.

  • 17-Jan-2022 A*KU24*27*8
  • 16-Jan-2022 A*KU84*04*7
  • 16-Jan-2022 A*KU84*04*7
  • 16-Jan-2022 A*KU84*04*7
  • 16-Jan-2022 A*KU84*04*7
  • 12-Jan-2022 F*AU23*93*8
  • 12-Jan-2022 F*AU23*93*8
  • 12-Jan-2022 T*LU71*66*0
  • 11-Jan-2022 A*KU24*31*7
  • 11-Jan-2022 A*KU22*69*0

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