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HDASCO Shipping Company being a member of IRISL group, having 24 ocean going vessels with a capacity of 91000 TEU which are managed and operated by 142 expert staffs, as well as many overseas offices and agencies all around the world, enables the company to provide a world-wide and diversified shipping and container services.

Enjoying a sovereign national fleet, HDAS Co. is proud for its capabilities to continue its services to Iranian exporters and importers even under the unfair sanctions and international pressures. HDASCo along with its subsidiaries and affiliated companies can provide door to door services to and from Iran and all counterpart countries.

HDASCO offers services like HDASCO tracking, HDASCO Container Tracking, HDASCO Parcel Tracking and HDASCO package Tracking. And also trace the HDASCO Container Tracking status through the HDASCO Tracking number.

Track trace HDASCO Courier shipment through the Shipping Exchange HDASCO Tracking.

Shipping Exchange also helps you to track trace the shipment, container through the HDASCO Tracking number.

  • 27-Sep-2023 LA*U24*3188
  • 27-Sep-2023 LA*U24*3188
  • 27-Sep-2023 LA*U24*3188
  • 27-Sep-2023 MI*U25*8563
  • 27-Sep-2023 MI*U25*8563
  • 24-Sep-2023 AI*U11*1675
  • 24-Sep-2023 AI*U11*1675
  • 19-Sep-2023 MI*U49*1929
  • 19-Sep-2023 LA*U54*0844
  • 17-Sep-2023 SL*U23*3036

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