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In 1983, three young enterprising Guyanese - John La Rose, Terrence Pariaug and Glen Khan, saw a need to reconnect West Indians who were living overseas, with their families and friends in their respective homelands in the Caribbean and Guyana. The Caribbean communities in the United States of America, Canada and the UK needed a reliable channel to send supplies, gifts and various other items to their families 'back home'. Thus was born LAPARKAN which is an acronym from the last names of the three entrepreneurs.

Laparkan opened its first office in Toronto, Canada in summer of 1983. The word quickly spread throughout the Caribbean Diaspora and soon there was a demand for offices in other locations. Through hard work and a focused approach, Laparkan quickly established offices in Guyana, New York, Miami and the United Kingdom. The response from the overseas communities was very positive and supportive and within six years, Laparkan had additional offices or agencies opened in Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica and Barbados.

By the early 90's Laparkan fortified and consolidated its markets and planned another push into other Caribbean territories such as Antigua, St. Lucia, Grenada, Surinam and St. Vincent to name a few. With continuous success and growth, Laparkan offered its uniquely Caribbean flavored business brand into the larger markets of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. As Laparkan developed its Caribbean presence, it simultaneously expanded its North America operations. Laparkan offices flourished within the communities that they served and became an integral part of their customer base. Today Laparkan can be found in the midst of the Caribbean communities across the USA and Canada.

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