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On the 25th of May by the old one, or on June 7, 1840, on the new calendar, Serbia EMS started the work of the first Post at Kalemegdan in Belgrade . In 1866 the First Post Law was issued and the first postmark was issued . In 1874, in Bern, Serbia, along with 21 countries of the world, became the founder of the World Postal Union. 1945-1990. According to the applicable laws, Post Office functions as a state-owned enterprise . On January 1, 1990, a public company PTT "Serbia EMS" was founded as a public company for postal, telegraph and telephone traffic with state-owned assets.

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  • 14-Mar-2024 E*0*445065*RS
  • 07-Apr-2023 E*0*378338*RS
  • 07-Apr-2023 E*0*378338*RS
  • 07-Apr-2023 E*0*378338*RS
  • 24-Mar-2023 E*0*391233*RS
  • 03-Feb-2023 E*0*393780*RS
  • 03-Feb-2023 E*0*389775*RS
  • 24-Nov-2022 E*0*389539*RS
  • 24-Nov-2022 E*0*389539*RS
  • 24-Nov-2022 E*0*389539*RS

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