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The airline Transportes Aéreos Centro americanos(TACA), was founded in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, in 1931. TACA expanded into Central America, opening offices in El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama and flying a fleet of 14 aircraft, 10 pilots and 80 employees. The airline began to position itself as a strong player in the Air Cargo Market transporting 10,000 tons of cargo and 200 tons of mail in 1939. In February, 2010 investors formalized strategic union of their business. TACA International Airlines includes in the union it's participation in Lacsa, Taca Peru, Aviateca, Sansa, La Costeña, and Islena; from Avianca it includes, Avianca, Tampa Cargo and AeroGal.

TACA Cargo Service - Provides the international Services like Domestic TACA Cargo tracking, International TACA Tracking, International TACA courier Tracking services and Track Trace TACA shipment for real time Status. Enter TACA tracking number to track trace TACA Cargo Tracking services.  

User can track trace the cargo packages through the Shipping Exchange TACA Tracking services.

Shipping Exchange also helps you to track trace the air cargo tracking status, shipment, parcel and courier through the TACA Tracking number.

  • 07-May-2019 2*2533*28*6
  • 02-May-2019 2*2533*28*6
  • 19-Apr-2019 2*2439*47*6
  • 13-Apr-2019 2*2532*17*0
  • 11-Apr-2019 2*2526*13*3
  • 03-Oct-2018 2*2434*54*0
  • 01-Oct-2018 2*2437*55*5
  • 27-Sep-2018 2*2533*63*2
  • 26-Sep-2018 2*2533*63*2
  • 26-Sep-2018 2*2533*63*2

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