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The first Turkish Post Office was opened under the name of "Turkey Department of Post-Office" at the courtyard of New Mosque in Istanbul, and the first officials, Süleyman Aga, collector Sofyali Agyazar were appointed as translators in order to translate the addresses of postal items written in languages other than Turkish.

In 1843, in the 11th year of the invention of telegraph, telegraph service was started also in our country, and a separate Directorate of Telegraph was established in 1855 in order to provide this service. In 1871, the Ministry of Post and the Directorate of Telegraph were united under the name of Ministry of Post and Telegraph.

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  • 09-Mar-2024 EN30*306*15JP
  • 09-Mar-2024 EN30*306*15JP
  • 24-Dec-2023 EE19*708*73IL
  • 09-Oct-2023 RR36*110*05TR
  • 14-Sep-2023 CP10*290*88TR
  • 12-Sep-2023 EM02*214*31TR
  • 12-Sep-2023 EM02*214*31TR
  • 12-Sep-2023 EM02*214*31TR
  • 15-Jul-2023 EE33*779*59NG
  • 15-Jul-2023 EE33*779*59NG

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