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Trans Asia Cargo Tracking

TRANS ASIA GROUP of organizations has expanded its range to different horizons. As the lead organization, Trans Asia Shipping Services (P) Ltd, Cochin, India has changed interests in the field of Ship Owning, International and Domestic (India) Liner operations, Container owning, Coordinations, Plantation, Shipbuilding, and Realty. The group organizations are as under:-

In India

  • Trans Asian Shipping Services (P) Ltd., Cochin.
  • Trans Asia Plantations.
  • Century Shipyard (P) Ltd.


  • Trans Asian Shipping Services (Pte) Ltd., Singapore.
  • Trans Asia Shipping Services (Bhd), Malaysia.
  • Relate Office
  • Dubai Middle Eastern Shipping Offices LLC, Dubai, UAE.
  • Trans Asian Shipping Services (P) Ltd., Colombo.

SAILING ON TRUST is their proverb, and they owe their customers and the group a feeling of satisfaction and bliss which engage us to surge beyond frontiers. The energy of information combined with consistent process improvements and innovation holds this Trust strong as they stay focused on their vision and mission.


To get your Trans Asia cargo tracking done, insert your Tans Asia tracking number into the track box of Shipping exchange and get ready to see the details of your product. This consist very simple procedure.

  • 14-Jul-2020 GE*U361*7*0
  • 14-Jul-2020 BS*U229*1*1
  • 14-Jul-2020 BS*U229*1*1
  • 13-Jul-2020 BS*U966*5*3
  • 13-Jul-2020 CA*U211*6*0
  • 13-Jul-2020 CA*U318*4*4
  • 13-Jul-2020 TL*U200*3*7
  • 13-Jul-2020 TL*U201*1*2
  • 11-Jul-2020 TL*U540*4*6
  • 11-Jul-2020 TL*U200*6*4

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