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In 1965 the shipping company Wan Hai Lines was founded in Taiwan. It started its growth with transportation of log in Japan, South East Aisa and Taiwan. But it decided to respond in a positive way to the rapid development that was being experienced in the field of International trade in the regions of Asia Pacific in 1976. The face of international transport containerization was changing very rapidly. And Wan Hai decided to step into the business of container vessel shipping to change its own future in the shipping industry. Today they have expanded their service to reach clients in Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America and US of course. Along with that it has changed the way of Wan Hai tracking on a whole.

They are in the mode of rapid expansion to cater to various routes and nations and bring about a revolution in the waters. They have recently launched the service named CHS3 service by the end of 2016 May for Japan-India/ Pakistan services. They have planned and organized this service to provide good network and service that can be initiated from Japan to Pakistan and India.  Better port coverage and frequency will be available now for the existing 5 numbers of services in Pakistan and India.  For all these services to take place smoothly the company has strengthened Waan Hai container tracking, Wan Hai cargo tracking, Wan Hai lines tracking and overall Wan Hai tracking. This service will be jointly taken care of with Mitsui O.S.K Lines Ltd. They are starting by using 7 numbers of vessels with nominal capacities of 4250 TEU. Out of these 7 numbers of vessels, MOL is expected to operate 5 numbers and Wan Hai to operate 2 numbers. They expect to have their maiden voyage to take off from Osaka port on 30 of the month of May 2016. It is expected to reach Nhava Sheva on 20th of June on 2016. Within 49 days, round trip schedule will be expected to get completed. Along with Wan Hai container tracking, Wan Hai cargo tracking, wan hai lines tracking, this service will also ensure total customer satisfaction with optimized service frequency and better coverage.

Booking requests can be made online and the team will be in touch with you from generating Wan Hai tracking number to tracking it. After this the facilities for Wan Hai lines container tracking and Wan Hai line tracking will be crystal clear for any shipper. There are quite a number of legal hassles and documentation that one may be required to go through, which can cause delay in the process of shipment. This can really rock and shake the world around the shipper if proper information is not known to him. It is formidable for anyone who is interested in shipping materials to be aware of the processes and steps involved in Bill of lading and Import general manifest before venturing into the waters of shipping. Wan Hai tracking igm details are made available to shippers to ensure that there are no scopes of allowing any one to breathe down the neck of the customer. The super fast and easily accessible facility of Wan Hai lines container tracking has won the trust of its widely spread customer base all across the world.

This is the reason why WAN HAI has taken an extra step to guide their customers and provide information which is readily available in their website to help out in future Wan Hai bl tracking and Wan Hai igm tracking. Once the Wan Hai tracking igm details are known a person can be rest assured with whatever is happening to their consignment in each and every cycle of shipping the material. Consolidation and deconsolidation in various ports can be quite a headache thing to manage and has to be managed with utmost care. And any shipper may feel anxious with these formalities and would like to know the fate of their goods. This is where Wan Hai bl tracking, Wan Hai igm tracking will come handy.

Operations in terminals and the quality services are undergoing rigorous upgrading along with tracking facilities like Wan Hai lines container tracking, and Wan Hai Line tracking. They are currently operating terminals dedicatedly for Kaohsiung ant Taichung in the regions of Taiwan and in Japan they are operating in Tokyo. There is a free trade zone business at Keelung port again in Taiwan, available for terminal operations. Taipei port in Taiwan and Cai Mep port in the nation of Vietnam has supported Wan Hai Lines for further investment to bolster terminal operations. With good Wan Hai lines container tracking and other services the shipping line is very committed to provide its customers an aggravation free experience in terms of terminal operations and tracking facilities involving generation of Wan Hai lines container tracking number and then following up with Wan Hai tracking container.

  • 18-Mar-2019 WH***641026
  • 16-Mar-2019 WH***502611
  • 16-Mar-2019 WH***683852
  • 16-Mar-2019 WH***683852
  • 16-Mar-2019 TE***138820
  • 16-Mar-2019 TE***138820
  • 15-Mar-2019 WH***655100
  • 15-Mar-2019 WH***655100
  • 15-Mar-2019 WH***655100
  • 15-Mar-2019 WH***641026

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