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A pioneer in the container renting industry for about thirty years, Waterfront Container Renting Co., Inc. gives unparalleled quality and service to clients of all sizes. With an expanded stock and warehouses the world over, our group of specialists can offer you the most vital, financially savvy stockpiling and transportation arrangements accessible.

They anticipate the chance to give correctly the gear you require, where and when you require it, at a value that is both reasonable and moderate.


Since 1983, Waterfront Container Renting Co., Inc. (Waterfront) has been a strong, solid supplier of unrivaled transportation gear at aggressive rates. From real sea bearers to people looking for a solitary stockpiling container, their clients get more than hardware—they find solutions and quick, tried and true administration. Their responsibility regarding giving inventive, sensible, and adaptable answers for an extensive variety of requirements has made Waterfront the best level gear renting, administration, and deals organization.

Waterfront is the best twenty container renting organizations working around the world. In spite of the fact that not the biggest in the business, our gear stock and a worldwide system of stops are sufficiently broad to meet for all intents and purposes any clients' transportation necessities in any nation around the globe. In the meantime, their learned staff can make more individualized arrangements and react more agilely to clients' needs than some of their bigger rivals.

Waterfront has accomplished reliable development in the course of recent decades by giving a reliably prevalent client encounter while continually directing business with trustworthiness.


At Waterfront, their theory is basic: Expand an incentive for their clients by giving the most elevated quality items and world-class service at focused costs. We regard your business as though it were our own.

Waterfront trusts in putting resources into higher-determination containers and working with the most solid sellers all through the world to guarantee you approach the best hardware when and where you require it. They keep up a stock of both new and utilized gear in their overall warehouses for rent and deal, so you can get precisely what you need at a value that fits your financial plan. We can likewise mastermind review, change and conveyance of your gear to your last goal. In spite of the fact that renting transportation hardware is our center business, Waterfront additionally gives administration services to institutional and singular gear speculators. As a key individual from the multi-purpose industry, and with our immense assets, they can offer positive rates and terms in view of your particular necessities.

Mission purpose

To satisfy our clients' multi-purpose gear needs and outperform desires while providing quality items and services through a dynamic, adaptable and versatile approach.

Waterfront Container Leasing is a universal multi-purpose hardware organization with a head office in the USA, key areas of six mainland and abroad and important system of global associations. They purchase, offer, possess, oversee, rent and make marine transportation hardware and additionally an extensive variety of particular gear—ISO tank containers, control packs, generator sets, forklifts, terminal tractors (yard goats), container handlers and the sky is the limit from there.


Waterfront is focused on offering clients aggressive leasing rates on here and now, long haul, ace and month to month leases for all marine transportation gear. What's more, clients can sign into Waterfront's exhaustive hardware tracking framework from the landing page.


Waterfront offers focused estimating on a wide range of new and utilized multi-purpose gear in both household and worldwide markets. We keep up a stock of fluctuated gear in our overall system of stations. We are experts in sourcing what you require in the multi-purpose advertise, regardless of whether it be versatile workplaces, cranes, scows, trucks or extra parts. Simply ask us. We can offer assistance.

Renovation/Re-molding Services

Waterfront is a worldwide driving provider of reconditioned control hardware. With offices in Taiwan and the Philippines, Waterfront offers remanufacturing and re-molding services for an extensive variety of gear, for example, generator sets, control packs, suspension and tank holders.

Equipment Management

Waterfront is a setup compartment administrator for both institutional and individual financial specialists.

Their Equipment

The stated determinations speak to surmised estimations of Waterfront's flow fleet. Photographs demonstrated are illustrative; real particulars, measurements, and shading may differ. If you don't mind get in touch with us for correct particulars and points of interest. Their gear is accessible utilized, new and revamped.


Types of containers  are mentioned below:

Dry Freight Containers

  • Built from excellent, substantial obligation Corten steel with completely folded sideboards
  • Intended for multipurpose on location stockpiling and transportation of payload by means of street, rail, and ocean
  • Worked to Waterfront Holder's higher detail
  • Accessible Sizes: 10', 20', 40', 40' High-Shape (HC) and 45' High-Solid shape (HC)
  • Custom sizes and determinations accessible upon ask

Open Top Containers

  • Perfect for transporting particularly molded and larger than usual cargo that would some way or another be hard to securely pack into a standard compartment
  • Every unit accompanies a removable covering or hard top to shield the cargo from climate conditions amid its adventure and to take into consideration stacking and emptying of cargo from the top
  • The rooftop bows and lashing rings add to compartment soundness, as well as guarantee greatest security for your cargo
  • Accessible Sizes: 20' and 40'

Double Door Containers

  • Developed from top notch, substantial obligation Corten steel with completely folded sideboards
  • Intended for multipurpose on location stockpiling and transportation of cargo by means of street, rail, and ocean
  • Double door outline on the two finishes of the holder takes into consideration simple access to cargo
  • Accessible Sizes: 20', 40' and 40' HC

Flat Rack Containers

  • Flat racks are perfect to transport larger than usual, unpredictable or overwhelming cargo/hardware, for example, trucks and mining gear.
  • The corner posts, floor, and lashing rings on base side rails enable the cargo to be secured by utilizing ties or chains.
  • Accessible Sizes: 20' and 40'
  • Accessible Sorts: Collapsible (stage) or Settled End Posts

Tank Containers

  • Used for the carriage of fluid cargos, including however not constrained to chemicals, powers, and different unsafe substances
  • Single compartment, protected and made of stainless steel or can be tweaked to your prerequisite
  • Mounted on a mellow steel outline
  •  Fitted with steam warming and organized base release
  •  Available Size and Sort: 20' IMO-1
  • For tank compartments beside IMO-1's,

  • 23-May-2019 WF**518*793
  • 14-May-2019 WF**507*999
  • 21-Apr-2019 WF**514*649
  • 21-Apr-2019 WF**513*542
  • 21-Apr-2019 WF**514*649
  • 02-Apr-2019 WF**143*572
  • 22-Mar-2019 WF**143*925
  • 18-Mar-2019 WF**517*950
  • 28-Feb-2019 WF**506*923
  • 28-Feb-2019 WF**506*923

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