Social media provides a platform for companies to share knowledge and opinions, and broadcast information to an audience of followers. It also generates valuable data about how your customers think, shop, vote, and spend their time. Many companies have jumped into social media to improve supply chain operations.
These tips for putting social media to work for your supply chain.
1.        Subscribe. Do subscription of most popular social sites Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and Google. These Sites are used to promote your business in particular community.
2.       Set Preferances. Set your own filters for social Activity to avoid the overload of irrelavant data and tweets.
3.       Explore and observe. Explore platform which is relevant to your business. Find some good resources to place your supply chain business advertisement. Mostly place your advertisement in those communities which relevant to you. It saves your time and money both and will give good growth.
4.     Determine opportunities. Determine which supply chain processes would benefit from better collaboration through an unstructured data channel. You can check all the details of the reputation of vendors and potential vendors with social network users.

5.      Broadcast news. Broadcast information that might help logistics partners be more proactive or make better decisions. For example, share news about port disruptions. This allows shippers and carriers to better communicate transit delays to the end use
6.      Be prepared to evolve. Some of your efforts will be fruitless. Don't be afraid to delay or abandon some outlets or initiatives—there are plenty of others to try.
7.      Share your Ideas. Share your ideas, Experiments and Experience with particular, Explain your thoughts about market volatility and specific needs of customer.
8.      8. Empower your staff. Don't dictate a social media strategy to your supply chain operations staff. Let one evolve naturally as they use the outlets to get to better know your customers and partners. They will be able to increase effectiveness and customer retention, and promote cross-selling opportunities.
9.     Get help from others. Find the business through social media, Give Responsibilities to your employees who are the best in Social media than ask them to help identify some creative users. This is the best way to promote cross selling.
10.  Make relationships. Discover your business with help of social media with robustness and faster relationships. You can get all the insights report and reviews of marketplace whenever you want.
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