Shipping exchange is into the business of making shipping a simplified and profitable job for all. This is your one stop solution for all kinds of shipping queries. It aims at providing the right platform for shippers, freight forwarders and NVOCC. The benefits of registering with shipping exchange - The Online Shipping Marketplace are not only limited to shippers but even the freight forwarders too.

See for yourself how Shipping Exchange have made shipping interesting and beneficial have been discussed below.

Live leads generated:-

Shipping exchange every day gets to see numerous shippers register with them. So it will be a heaven for the freight forwarders and the NVOCC, as they no more need to run around to generate new leads. Never before in a single day did you get a chance to quote to more than 5 shippers. But here you will get ample opportunity to give your best rates to the shipper.

Total Transparency maintained:

You will also get to see what quotes are submitted by your competitors to the shipper. Accordingly you can modify your rate to win the deal. Or you can pull out from a deal if you think; you cannot give further cheap freight quotes than these. Shipping exchange creates a complete transparent complete platform for good business.

Reducing sales expenditure:

With so many queries per day in one single stop, perhaps you don’t need to employ too many marketing personnel to fetch you orders from shippers and do the running around. Now the whole clientele base will be at your fingertips and you can channelize the money kept separate for marketing elsewhere.

Now we come to some perks and advantages which shipper can enjoy by registering with Shipping Exchange.

Free registration to all shippers:

Now the shippers do not need to wipe sweat in managing their money and time dealing with many freight forwarders and NVOCC. It is lifetime free deal for all shippers. It will not cost you a penny to have yourself registered in this site. Avail the service for free and see it for yourself, and keep posting your sea freight inquiries.

Get the lowest quote:-

 If you think that your current freight forwarders are probably overcharging you, then it might be that you are right. So why not have it verified yourself. Register with Shipping Exchange to find out the lowest quote possible on freight shipment.  Shipping Exchange works on the reverse bidding process. There are too many freight forwarders waiting to give the shipper a deal. However as a shipper you get to choose the cheap freight quote. Shipping exchange will personally send you an email over your registered email id to inform you about the most cheap freight quote and the respective freight forwarders’ contact details. If you are happy with the rates, you are at your free will to contact them and get the deal closed.

Privacy is maintained:

With so many freight forwarders in the same platform as you are, you may fear getting bugged and pinged by all at one point of time. But it is shipping exchange’s policy to keep the shipper’s identity and contact details hidden from the freight forwarders. So share your lowest quote and keep dealing with as many as possible to strike the best deal in market.

So the shipping business will see a new dawn as shipping exchange brings about a new way of doing good business.