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ARTIN VAROUJAN Closed Joint-Stock Company

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Import of industrial equipmentAIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS (IMPORTERS)FOOD INDUSTRY EQUIPMENT (IMPORTERS)HEATING EQUIPMENT (IMPORTERS)PRODUCTION LINE AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT (IMPORTERS)PRODUCTS OF INDUSTRIAL AND TECHNICAL PURPOSE (IMPORTERS)REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT: INDUSTRIAL (IMPORTERS)Air Conditioners (trade) (import)Condensate/Steam Traps (trade) (import)Controllers: Heating (trade) (import)Controllers: Temperature (Thermal Regulators) (trade) (import)Dairy Manufacturing Equipment (trade)Dairy Manufacturing Equipment (trade) (import)Electric Drives for Slide-Valves (trade) (import)Electronic Equipment ManufacturingMachinery (trade) (import)Food Industry Equipment (trade) (import)Gate Valves: Flanged (trade) (import)Heating Systems (trade) (import)Hot Water-Supply Systems (trade)Manifolds: Piping, Hydraulic (trade) (import)Pipe Fittings: Metal-Plastic (trade) (import)Pipes: Metal-Plastic, for Heating and Water Supply (trade) (import)Pipes: Polyethylene, for Drinking Water (trade) (import)Production Line Automation Equipment (trade) (import)Pumps: Borehole (trade) (import)Pumps: Centrifugal (trade) (import)Pumps: Circulation (trade) (import)Spare Parts, Accessories for Heating Systems (trade) (import)Tanks (trade) (import)Valves (trade) (import)Valves: Back-Pressure (trade) (import)Valves: Balanced (trade) (import)Valves: Butterfly (trade) (import)Valves: Electromagnetic (trade) (import)Valves/Stopcocks (trade) (import)Wine-Making Equipment (trade) (import)


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