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Ibili Menaje, S.A.

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Kitchen equipment, pastrymaking and cooking accessories. Cooking tools, crème caramel moulds, pastry moulds, pans, grills, roasters, fryers, paella pans, oven trays, oven dishes, fish oven dishes. Express coffee makers, pava coffee makers, whistling coffee makers, conical coffee makers, teapots, sieves, champagne buckets, stripping knives, mittens.Camping equipment. Aluminium water bottles, metal pots, metal glasses. Spray oil can, cream siphon, saucepans, pots, casseroles, coffee maker filters, stainless steel grease filters, aluminium grease filters, covers against oil spattering, stainless steel spatulas, grid spatulas, oil pots, soup tureens, ladles.Pots and pans, woks, roasters, silicone moulds, bowls, sieves.


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