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Talleres Filsa, S.A. (FILSA)

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Level controllers of solids and liquidsControllers: rotary, diaphragm, displacement, vibrate singes, floats, magnetics, pneumaticsFlow switchesFilsa is a company which since 1957 has been devoted to the control of the level of solid or liquid material.We are specialists on rotating filling and emptying controllers, capacitive controllers, controllers by displacement, by rod, pendulating ones and by tongue, controllers by membrane (to control bulk products of easy flow at atmospheric pressure) and vibrating controllers. We also manufacture pneumatic valves with elastic deformation sleeve, capacitive detectors sensitive to most liquids and solids, rotating and electronic displacement controls, valves for the control of filling up, with coupling for hose and switch for signalling and control of the pneumatic filling up of the silo by a tank vehicle, overpressure sensors, in silos with pressure filling up, protection valves against over pressure and under pressure in the silo.Pneumatic controllers, by conductivity, by optical sensor, capacitive ones, automatic floating switches for clean and sewagewater, minisensors and lateral floats, volume of flow switches for liquids and flow switches for air.We have also available a wide range of control apparatus certified according to 94/9/CE Directive, ATEX Regulation which allows them to be used in areas classified with danger of explosion.


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