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Anmar, S.A.

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DISTRIBUTION AND COMMERCIALIZATIONExclusive tool machine in cutting service for bars, spindles and INA guidesSpindle and bar mechanizationPower transmission, bearings, guides, axles, motorsComponents for pneumatic and hydraulic automatizationPlastics and metals (bars, plates, tubes, pieces, etc)Machines and tools for maintenance and workshopsLineal systemsMetrology, verification, quality, test, analysis, winches, milling cutters, milling machinesMANUFACTURAChains, gear pinions, crowns, roller wheels, axles General Transmission - Conveyor gearsPVC or double pinion or zinc coated idler steel rollersModule band transport, rollers and plastic chainSupply and mechanization of metals and plasticsSupply specialized in:- Transmission elements- Automatization components- Machines - Tools- Metrology- Technical plastics


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