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European manufacturer of a wide range of top-quality resinsoffers:- unsaturated polyester resins, Estromal,- resins for abrasive products, tools and materials,- amino phenol resins for plywood and fibreboard manufacturing ,- 2- and 3-component adhesive systems for furniture panels veneering, floorboard, honeycomb panel and door manufacturing,- amino resins for manufacturing foil and film on paper medium,- chlorine-free curing agents for amino resins,- phenol resins for insulation materials and laminated plastics,- low-phenol and fine-ground novolac resins,- amino and phenol resins for the foundry industry and coated sands,- resins for paints and lacquers,- urea/formaldehyde concentrate,- furane resins,- alkyd resins,- process formalin,- Polfill polyester filler,- car paints,- prime coats,- undercoating sprays (vehicle repair compounds),- solvents,- filler curing agents,- paint curing agents,- Flex-Coat gel coats,- vinyl ester resins.


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