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Production and sale: Cold-formed steel sections, open and closed, protective steel road barriers, electrotechnical metal sheets and tapes, transformer cores, custom-made steel structures, sections: closed large-sized, untypical, open, cold-formed open sections, structural sections, precision sections, for section joinery, open precision sections, special sections, special purpose sections, sections for light steel structures, reinforcing sections for PVC profiles, reinforcing sections for PVC windows, timbering sections, sections for mining industry.Additional Information: We manufacture untypical open sections in ordered shapes (after being agreed on).Distribution Network: Stalprodukt-Centrostal Kraków Sp. z o.o.9 Płk. Dąbka streetCracow 30-732tel. +48 12 2610100, fax. +48 12 2610125 www.stalprodukt-centrostal.plTrade branches:- Tarnów, 122 Al.Piaskowa street tel. +48 14 6266257- Koszalin, 11A Słowiańska street tel. +48 94 3424336- Włocławek, 4 Al.Kazimierza Wlk. street tel./fax: +48 54 2333822- Gdynia, 20 Hutnicza street tel. +48 58 6634141- Szczecin, 68 Szczawiowa street tel./fax: +48 91 4837369- Gliwice, 8 Toruńska street tel. +48 32 2302163, fax +48 32 2301667- Bielany Wrocławskie, Błękitna 5 street tel./faks +48 71 3352002Stalprodukt Profil Sp. z o.o., Stalprodukt Profil S.A.69 Wygoda streetBochnia 32-700, tel./fax: +48 14 6151795Stalprodukt Zamość Sp. z o.o.86 Kilińskiego streetZamość tel. +48 84 6393441Stalprodukt Warszawa Sp. z o.o.10 Traktorzystów streetWarszawa Ursus, tel. +48 22 4782728A wide range of steel products can be found on our webpage: http://www.stalnet.com.pl


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