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Terplast Sp. z o.o. Zakłady Przetwórstwa Tworzyw Sztucznych

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We are manufacturer of plastic articles, which find use in many trades:Agricultural twines - usage: sheaf-binders, straw, hay baling presses, etc.Horticultural twines: gardening, pomiculture, furniture industry etc.Wrapping twines - used in wide packaging trade.Household twines strappings PP and PET: for underwear, for wrapping up products, for bonding etc.Polypropylene packaging: packaging, furniture trade, wood, paper, masonry industry, protection of loads during transportation, construction industry.Polypropylene ropes: transportation, industry, agriculture, construction, naval-navigationPolypropylene tapes and yarns: textile industry, production of twines etc.Polyethylene nets for packaging straw and hay, rope, silage stretch films. Coils, funnels, paper tubes, used in textile industry for material winding and cardboard formworks, used in construction industry.Polypropylene yarn multifilament used in production of tapes, belts, meshes.Our articles meet Polish and European Union norms.


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