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Instytut Nafty i Gazu (INiG; ”Oil and Gas Institute”) is a leading European multidisciplinary science and research facility. The Institute has over 60 years of proven track record in hydrocarbon energy carriers.Other activities of the Institute include: oil and gas prospect evaluation, exploration and production from hydrocarbon accumulations, storage, transport, distribution and usage of gas, oil and petroleum products, processing oil, developing and monitoring the quality of petroleum products, using renewable energy sources and environmental protection in petroleum and gas industry.ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification and accreditation by 19 research laboratories according to ISO 17025:2005 testify to the reliability of the tasks contracted by the Institute. EU notification authorizes INiG to administer product and machine compliance assessment procedures and certify products, quality systems and compliance with Polish Standard; INiG is authorized to issue technical approvals of construction products used in gas networks and systems – all of this empowers the Institute to participate in domestic and international research projects and to act as an expert for the petroleum and gas industry.Thanks to a reliable, constantly updated research infrastructure, state-of-the-art instruments for carrying out laboratory and field research, considerable library resources, the Institute has an interesting and varied offer including research, research & development and services for industry, including small and medium businesses, and to participate in projects run by research consortiums. Considerable academic achievements of the Institute’s employees were also confirmed by many patent applications. By 2008, INiG had registered 900 patents, including 10 foreign patents, 145 protection rights on domestic utility models and 17 rights from registering Polish trademarks.Many years of experience in standardization in the field of oil mining, gas industry and petroleum products allow INiG to support the Polish Standardization Commission in fulfilling its obligations and run offices of national Technical Commission in the above areas. INiG also organises training courses on: liquid fuel sampling, quality tests and detecting adulteration methods , quality tests of biofuels, etc.INiG constantly cooperates with administrative bodies, local government administration, gas, petroleum, refinery and petrochemical industry, and many research centres from Poland and around the world, including: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Switzerland, Norway, France, the US, Australia.INiG has its headquarters in Cracow. The Institute also operates branches in Warsaw and Krosno with a joint staff of over 400. In 2009 INiG was awarded the prestigious title of a Great Place to Work in Poland and was among the first ten most attractive workplaces in our country.


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