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Ośrodek Maszynowy w Strzyżowie Sp. z o.o.

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Complete overhauls of:- helical units and compressor units of the following types: WS-50, WS-100/140, WEK 103, WSPK 7/300, WD, WE, WAN, 3J, WGO, Pomet Airpol-Poznań, Orlik.- farm tractors of the following types: U-902, 904, 1002, 1004, 1212, 1214, C-385, C-355, C-360, C-330- excavators: Białoruś, Ostrówek, Waryński- fork-lift trucks: RAK, GWP, DV, WW, platform cars and others, manufactured in West Europe (UDT certificate)- lorries: Star, Jelcz, Żuk- Diesel engines and injection pumps- Our offer also includes installation and assembly work as well as welded constructions. Production of pressure conduits (hydraulic, pneumatic).


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