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We would like to introduce ourselves as Q&S SHIPPING AGENCY. Below is a small introduction of our company for your reference.

“Q&S SHIPPING AGENCY” is established to become the leading logistics company based in Pakistan. With a philosophy of service and reliability, our team of dedicated professionals observes, listens & understands the business requirements before providing strategic solutions to our customers.

We have the resources to ensure a quality logistics solutions to get the freight destined on time! 

We are the company, who is capable of providing logistical solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of today's demanding business environment. Q&S SHIPPING AGENCY will feel proud on each partnership & bond we establish between the clients we serve.

Q&S SHIPPING AGENCY offers a dynamic cargo transportation though-out the globe. Our experience in handling freight shipping is second to none! We have the competence of getting your cargo to its destination on time within budget. No matter how small or how large the shipment is, Q&S SHIPPING AGENCY has the resources and aptitude to ensure a quality transport solution. 

We provide following transportation solutions to meet the demanding needs in global shipping:

1. Air Freight 5. Sea-Air and Air-Sea
2. Ocean Freight 6. Warehousing
3. Over the Road Trucking 7. Air Charter Service
4. Customs Brokerage

Looking forward to have a chance to offer our services for your logistic needs!

Best Regards,
Muhammad Atif
(Business Development Department)