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Dear Sirs.,

Pls find attached our presentation and I let you our main contacts in GTL Group organization:
Customs Dptm Sea Dptm
José Andrade - jose.andrade@gtl.com.pt Import
Air Dptm Maria Garrinhas - maria.garrinhas@gtl.com.pt
Rui Silva – rui.silva@gtl.com.pt Export / Palop’s coordinater
Cristina Jorge – cristina.jorge@gtl.com.pt Jorge Candeias – Jorge.candeias@gtl.com.pt
Road Dptm Comercial Dptm
Import Mónica Conceição – monica.conceicao@gtl.com.pt
Carlos Castro – carlos.castro@gtl.com.pt Jorge Gil - jorge.gil@gtl.com.pt
Luis Roque – luis.roque@gtl.com.pt Paulo Tinoco - paulo.tinoco@gtl.com.pt
Export Account Dptm
Fernando Gonçalves – fernando.goncalves@gtl.com.pt Alda Figueiredo - alda.figueredo@gtl.com.pt
As your company we are a forwarder that handle all types of freight all over the world by Sea, Air, Road, Customs Brokers(also fiscal), Warehousing and Integrated Logistics Services with a system from latest generation of WMS, Assemblage, and Domestic distribution.
It’s with pleasure that we, the GTL Group, present to you our “Global Integrated Logistics Services” comprising a “Network of International Agents” with “Logistic Platforms”, strategically located in the main “Industrial and Economic World Hubs”.
LISBOA 4.500M2 - PORTO 2.000M2
National TransportationPlanning Storage and Extra Storage Community at Lisbon and Porto
The World Spinning in your direction.
It was granted to our warehouses in Lisbon and Porto the status of temporary storage and authorized recipient. At the same time we are allowed to export as a warehouse with the issuance of DME. This authorization also allows us to receive goods under the T1, allowing also the partial clearance of the goods according to the consumption needs of the customers.
Coordination made from our two logistics platforms in Lisbon and Porto, by professionals with many years of experience in managing the best interests of our clients, involving all sectors, determined to meet the deadlines.
The GTL Group has a system of tracking and tracing the cargo in transit during the entire journey, from origin to final destination.
In the case of the collaboration agreement, a process is activated to identify the requirements and procedures to be among your business partners beyond the specifics necessary to consider all transport entrusted to our responsibility.
As we desire to contribute to a reduction in your annual logistic budgets, we believe we can serve your company as a proactive partner in the rapid execution of commercial transactions, as we are committed to being identified by your company as a reference for logistic support, thus contributing to the success of your business.
Do not hesitate in contacting us for any further information or clarifications that you might need.
To further details, in attachment, we send a brochure of our company  GTL Group and also you will find us at our website: http://www.optimustransitarios.pt
Waiting for your best comments, we remain at your disposal.
Kind Regards,
Mónica Conceição