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To gaze after endless patron service by way of either Hyundai container tracking, Hyundai consignment tracking, or Hyundai vessel agenda, they have comprehended four international head office all athwart the world. Additionally, they have five numbers of overseas offices and 10 numbers of offices meant for liaison works. As a result of its targeted market prospects, the logistic company is now one of the top most shipping liners operating around the globe. To upgrade yourself more about Hyundai container like to get Hyundai Container Tracking Status online, consignment tracking etc. all you can avail by inserting your tracking number in above tool. 


Hyundai Merchant Marine is an incorporated logistics organization, working around 130 best in class vessels. HMM, overall worldwide service systems, assorted logistics offices, driving IT shipping related frameworks, an expert very prepared staff, and persistent push to give chief transportation services.

HMM has framed a worldwide business coordinate with four global headquarters, 27 auxiliaries, 76 branches, five abroad workplaces and 10 contact workplaces. It is exceedingly viewed as one of the world's best-coordinated logistics organizations with it’s focused on showcase prospects, effective association, top work force, and propelled web frameworks.

About HMM

Starting with three VLCCs in 1976, HMM has reinforced its aggressiveness to progress new services, for example, mass transporter, tramper, container bearer, LNG transporter and uncommon item transporter. Accordingly, HMM has a steady business structure that can withstand part changes by working broadened organizations.

HMM transports broadly key materials, for example, raw petroleum, press metal/coal and assorted unique items and import/send out merchandise. Profit is eight trillion Korean won for every year, plainly assuming a noteworthy part in Korea as an essential monetary vein They contributes to ceaselessly extend vessel Armada, gets container terminals in the overall essential area and inland logistics offices, and creates debut client arranged IT framework, because of these attempts, HMM will turn into the world best-incorporated logistics organization offering, “Plan to investors, fulfillment to clients and pride to representatives".

Services provided by HMM

1.     Container

Hyundai Merchant Marine is right now one of the main five Trans-Pacific carriers and one of the best 10 carriers in the global shipping industry with a shifted estimated Armada for Trans-Pacific, Asia-Europe, Trans-Atlantic and Between Asia exchange. Their inheritance of client service greatness gladly proceeds. For instance, HMM has expanded container service to specialty showcases in South America, Australia, and Russia. Other critical achievements include: development of inland live reefer service, enhanced Local Client Service Center (RCSC) service, service, and overhauled electronic service on the Cell phones - cruising plans, rate demands, web based booking, cargo tracking and tracing, and Web B/L service, and so forth.

By using customized software running on a sophisticated centralized server PC with EDI links with every single real railroad, they execute and closely screen movement for brisk, on-time flight and on-time landing as per published schedules.

2.     HII Service

Special operations personnel knew as "Doublestack Rail Coordinators", situated in Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago and New York, facilitate our rail operations on location in these volume-intensive hubs. Also headquartered in Irving, TX, HII Trucking Operations is responsible for dispatch and coordination of all line haul, way to-entryway, and land bridge truck activity relating to HMM's international and HII domestic business. HII's unified Trucking Operations offers tight control and unparalleled service all through North America. It is the last segment in ensuring single-transporter control, way to-entryway, under a single bill of lading.

3.     Refrigerated Cargo Service

With regards to transporting your touchy, refrigerated cargoes, you can depend on Well to "convey the products" anyplace on the planet. They can even do the inverse by shielding your sensitive cargo from the outrageous chilly outside. Let their reefer business masters assume control over your worry and educate you concerning the best choices to protect a fruitful excursion for your cargo.

4.     Dangerous Cargo Service

Dangerous Merchandise implies an item, substance or living being incorporated by its physical, compound, organic or blended nature, which has been resolved to be equipped for representing an absurd hazard to human, condition, and property when transported in trade and which has been so planned.

Due date for DG application and declaration

All DG application and declaration ought to be submitted no less than 48 hours (Working Day premise) before vessel landing in stacking port. (MSDS and Tank cert are be required if any need)


  • The purpose of an organization is that they make your cargo important and convey a superior tomorrow
  • By giving solid service finding client cargo securely to correct place at the right thing.
  • Convey a superior tomorrow
  • By giving association among item and assets everywhere throughout the world.

  • 20-May-2019 KOC*200*9*4
  • 16-May-2019 HDM*251*4*9
  • 16-May-2019 HDM*281*1*9
  • 16-May-2019 HDM*248*2*1
  • 16-May-2019 HDM*248*2*1
  • 15-May-2019 HDM*689*6*9
  • 15-May-2019 BMO*471*8*5
  • 13-May-2019 HDM*686*0*9
  • 13-May-2019 HDM*686*0*9
  • 13-May-2019 HDM*686*0*9

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