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Hyundai Shipping Lines- the economic artery of Korea

Hyundai Merchant marine is premier integrated logistics company which is royally operating 130 numbers of uniquely designed vessels. The company is based out of Korea but has implemented such practices to ensure good international global networks for the purpose of services. It has a wide range of logistic services and robust IT shipping related service systems like Hyundai tracking facilities dedicated for its customers.  There are dedicated teams allotted for managing business at various levels and ensure constant communication through Hyundai tracking system. They have built up their team in such a way that they are always on their guard and ready to get back to customers for any solutions and queries.

In the year 1976 the company had only three numbers of VLCCs.  But today the company has empowered and strengthened its teams in such a way to provide unblemished services in terms of container carrier, LNG carrier, tramper, bulk carrier and special product carrier. The shipping industry is such a vast energy that it very often keep experiencing its shares of ebbs and flows. These frequent fluctuations can affect the shipping liners heavily and if not grounded well in this sector then getting capsized in the tumultuous waters can be something which is inevitable. But HMM service has kept the ground beneath its feet firm and is now in a position to combat any unwanted fluctuations as a result of its diversified business operations. They declare proudly that nothing will stop them from giving superior service to their clients in terms of Hyundai line tracking.

To do great customer service with Hyundai tracking and vessel schedule, they have encompassed four international head quarters all across the globe. They have five numbers of overseas offices and 10 numbers of offices meant for liaison works. As a result of its targeted market prospects the logistics company is now one of the top most shipping liners operating around the world. Efficient organization structure paired with advanced internet systems and top professionals managing the business and ensuring good tracking facilities for customers like container tracking.

In terms of transportation the company is very much into shipping materials responsible for making and breaking the economy of nations like coal, crude oil, iron ore and other special products relevant for both import and export. It has significantly changed the face of Korean economy being a vital life force for the nation with eight trillion Korean won per year. The company’s success and venturing into diverse fields have catapulted it to various heights of success.  Being a national economic driver for any nation and shaping up its future is indeed a very big success and accolade in itself. And this has been successfully achieved by the Hyundai shipping line company.

The South Koran integrated logistics company calls over 100 ports and maneuvers its way through 50 routes in the trading waters. With its shipping and other shipping related services like tracking it has managed to secure the 15th largest container line position in terms of the capacity of vessels. Korea’s exports are managed by both Hyundai and Hanjin shipping line and they largely shape the economic power of the country as a whole.

The company started its journey in the year 1976 with a capital of 200 million and three numbers of tankers. The precursor company of HMM was named Asia Merchant Marine Co Ltd. Slowly in the next decades it expanded its bases and services to cater to a wide variety of requirements and demands from customers. It has shaped up its IT system to fit itself like a mosaic in this age of technology and provides Hyundai tracking system to suit the purpose of clients. Not only Hyundai tracking but the company has taken an extra step to include services like carbon calculator for its customer base.  Everyone wishes to contribute in the smallest way to preserve nature and prevent global warming. With this thought in line the company has veered its way through many technical challenges and responsibilities to Hyundai tracking.

So it is time to try out the Korean giant for an extra smooth mile for your cargoes and shipment with great Hyundai tracking services. Hyundai vessel schedule has been an ever changing dynamic process to ensure better experiences for the customers and invite and induce other shippers to join the large league of happy and contented customers.

  • 20-May-2019 KOC*200**64
  • 16-May-2019 HDM*251**59
  • 16-May-2019 HDM*281**99
  • 16-May-2019 HDM*248**11
  • 16-May-2019 HDM*248**11
  • 15-May-2019 HDM*689**99
  • 15-May-2019 BMO*471**25
  • 13-May-2019 HDM*686**09
  • 13-May-2019 HDM*686**09
  • 13-May-2019 HDM*686**09

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